Your chocolate dreams are a breeze with these brunette treats!


Calling all our Chocolate Bunnies!

Happy Easter, Bunnies! What’s better than chocolate? Not much, in our eyes!

While blondes will insist they have more fun, to mark this lovely long, lazy weekend, we're throwing the spotlight on our luscious brunette beauties with a chocolate-hued bounty to feed your locks.

So rather than giving yourself a chocolate-fuelled belly ache (inevitable) from all those delicious little eggs, bunnies, buns and bilbies, take a little time out to focus on a little sugary hair self-care. It’s the TLC that doesn’t leave you groaning on the couch!


Would those around you say you’re an intense sort of brunette? Oh, our apologies, let us rephrase. Are your locks a deep brunette shade in need of intense colour care?

The DeLorenzo Novafusino Intense Brunette Shampoo is your finessed and focused partner in crime. Designed to control colour fade for both natural and coloured medium to dark brunettes, this clever plant-based Shampoo uses native Australian extracts including Kakadu plum to gentle cleanse, brighten and tone.

With UV inhibitors, Birch and Rooibos extract, lather up and leave this in for up to five minutes for intense results.

Is rich chocolate your flavour? Yes please! The Pure Colour Optimising Treatment Rich Chocolate is a treatment for light to medium brown hair that’s designed to infuse it with warmer brown pigments for extra depth and tone. By leaving it in for 3-5 minutes, your hair will enjoy a hearty taste of conditioning repair, restoring shine and colourful life to diluted locks. Infused with Australian Macadamia oil, enjoy the home advantage.

For a chocolate brown laced with a hint of toffee, look no further than the NAK Colour Masque in Coco. Using more magical Macadamia oil, this beauty is designed for use after shampooing. For a little colour boost, let it marinate for 3-5 minutes. For megawatt colour results, let it rest for up to 25. Hair will be toned and conditioned, brassiness corrected, and softness achieved through hydration, with a hearty dose of colour that will fade gracefully!

Are you a floral queen seeking a little Rose tint on your days - and your locks? The Davroe Chroma Rose Quartz is a fun little moisturising colour treatment made to bring a lovely rosy tint to your hair. Using Rose extract and Australian natural plant extracts, the Chroma will bring a rosy tone to light and dark brown hair.

Blondes can get in on this one too! Blonde hair will turn a pinky red hue. For all locks, along the way, enjoy a brilliant dose of moisture that brings strength and refreshment to your hair.

All made in Australia and 100% Vegan friendly, we can’t fault the fun and goodness this rosy little product brings!

Are you a bit of a chilly operator?

We got you. Keep cool brunette shades stylishly ice cold with the Milk_Shake Cold Brunette Shampoo. Using Moringa oil, blue pigment, patented Milk proteins, an Amino Acid complex and more, warm tones are removed while hair is treated to a dose of deep nourishment.

We can’t forget the light brunettes! This little sidestep is ideal for natural or colour-treated little brown or dark blonde locks.

Finally, a pack to banish brunette brass! The Alfaparf Semi Di Lino Beauty Power to You Cool Brunette Trio Pack is your all-inclusive three-in-one solution. By using intense blue pigment and a Vegan formulation, orange hints are done and dusted.

Whether you're team milk chocolate or dark chocolate, there's a Shampoo and a Masque, a Conditioning Treatment and a handy Trio Pack for you. Let's keep your perfect shades of chocolate shiny and fresh!

Because as much as we love edible Easter treats, they’re gone in the blink of an eye - chic brunette locks are here to stay. Look after them with the best brunette products at Salon Style, your Australian online haircare destination!

From our Salon Style team to you and yours, have a beautiful Easter break! Xoxo

Zoe Evans

She knows what works, and that's what she loves. She is a hair and beauty ̶a̶d̶d̶i̶c̶t̶ enthusiast. She researches this stuff for fun on a Saturday night.