Christmas Haircare Sets for EVERY Hair Type


Who doesn’t love a prettily boxed set? We sure do!

This Christmas, treat yourself to the present you REALLY want and secure yourself a handy little duo (or trio!) at Salon Style.

We’ve rounded up some killer haircare sets for every hair type to keep those locks on fleek through the holiday shenanigans and beyond!

Blonde Hair

haircare sets for blonde hair

Blondes, we've got you! Keep your golden locks shining bright with these curated sets.

Evo Brass Be Gone Duo Pack

Banish those brassy tones and keep your blonde hair cool and vibrant with the Evo Brass Be Gone Duo Pack. It’s like a chill pill for your hair.

Juuce Silver Blonde Trio Pack

Keep the icy blonde dream alive through the festive season with the Juuce Silver Blonde Trio Pack. It’s your go-to for battling brassiness and maintaining that cool blonde vibe.

Coloured Hair

haircare sets for coloured hair

Coloured hair babes, we’ve got something to make those hues pop!

Keune So Pure Color Care Trio Pack

Keep your colour game strong with the Keune So Pure Color Care Trio Pack. It’s like a protective bubble for your coloured locks.

Goldwell DualSenses Color Duo Pack

Lock in your colour and keep it fresh with the Goldwell DualSenses Color Duo Pack. It’s a one-way ticket to vibrant and shiny hair town.

Kerasilk Color Trio Pack

Luxury meets colour care with the Kerasilk Color Trio Pack. Keep your colour looking salon-fresh and turning heads wherever you go.

Curly & Wavy Hair

haircare sets for coloured and wavy hair

Curls and waves, get ready to bounce through the holidays with these sets.

Evo Go Big Or Go Home Trio Pack

Embrace your curls and waves with the Evo Go Big Or Go Home Trio Pack. It’s all about hydration and control to keep that bounce on point.

ORI LAB By NAK Curl Trio Pack

Keep your curls looking fabulous with the ORI LAB By NAK Curl Trio Pack. It’s like a love letter to your curls, keeping them defined and gorgeous.

EVO Hydrate Trio Pack

Quench the thirst of your curls with the EVO Hydrate Trio Pack. It’s your hydration station for bouncy and beautiful curls.

Damaged / Treated Hair

haircare sets for damaged/treated hair

Hair been through the wringer? We’ve got the rehab lineup ready.

Juuce Softly Nourish Trio Pack

Bring back the love to your treated or damaged hair with the Juuce Softly Nourish Trio Pack. It’s like a spa day for your strands.

Pure Miracle Renew Trio Pack

Renew and rejuvenate with the Pure Miracle Renew Trio Pack. It’s the comeback story your hair deserves.

KMS Moist Repair Trio Pack With Revival Creme

Dive into deep repair with the KMS Moist Repair Trio Pack. It’s your SOS for bringing treated hair back to life.

Dry / Dull Hair

haircare sets for dry/dull hair

Dry and dull hair, meet your moisture mates.

NAK Structure Complex Duo Pack

Beat the dry spell with the NAK Structure Complex Duo Pack. It’s all about bringing back that shine and softness.

Milk_Shake Moisture Plus Trio

Say hello to the Milk_Shake Moisture Plus Trio, your go-to solution for thirsty locks. It’s a fabulous pick for anyone looking to banish the dullness.

Redken All Soft Duo

Hairdressers are all about Redken, and the All Soft Duo is here to show you why. Get ready for detangled and revitalised hair in no time!

GK Hair Moisturising Trio

The GK Hair Moisturising Trio is packing a punch with Juvexin, an anti-ageing Keratin protein formulated to battle the brittle and protect your colour. It’s a Christmas gifting win for you or your favourite person.

Wrapping Up

holiday gift guide 2023

Picking the right haircare set is like hitting a jackpot for your locks, especially when the holiday selfies and family photos roll around.

We’ve done the legwork and lined up these rad haircare sets for every hair type out there.

Whether you’re gifting your BFF or treating yourself (because you totally should), these sets are your ticket to glorious hair days ahead!

And hey, the party doesn’t stop here! Swing by our Christmas Gift Guide for more cool picks that are sure to make this season lit!

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