Best-Kept Haircare Routine Secrets You Should Know by Now!


Haircare is not just about shampooing and conditioning. It's an art, a science, and a daily ritual that can transform your hair from dull to dazzling.

Whether you have curly, straight, fine, or wavy hair, a dedicated haircare routine is essential.

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Let's dive into the world of haircare and explore how the right products can make all the difference!

Understanding Your Hair Type

Understanding Your Hair Type

Your haircare journey is both personal and transformative. Remember, there's no one-size-fits-all in the world of haircare.

Your friend's holy grail product might not work for you, purely depending on your hair type. It's about finding what resonates with your hair's individual personality and nurturing it with the right products and care.

So, as you stand ready to enhance your haircare routine, take a moment to assess your hair's needs.

It might be the nourishment from natural oils, the gentle touch of a leave-in conditioner, or the liberty to air dry without the fear of frizz.

Tailoring your routine to your hair type is not just about embracing its natural texture, but also about protecting and treating your hair with the respect it deserves.

The Foundation: Shampoo and Conditioner

The Foundation: Shampoo and Conditioner

In the vibrant world of haircare, everything blossoms from a solid foundation, and nothing is more foundational than a good old shampoo and conditioner routine.

It's the comforting ritual that kickstarts your morning, and the first step in nurturing your hair to its glossy, bouncy best.

Davines NOUNOU Nourishing Shampoo

A true gem in the haircare world, especially for those sporting bleached or chemically treated hair. Picture this: you're not just washing away the grime of the day when you wash your hair with this nourishing concoction.

No, you're embarking on a journey of restoration and rejuvenation. With each wash, you're infusing your locks with deep nourishment and hydration, paving the way for a vibrant and lively mane.

GK Hair Moisturizing Conditioner

Imagine running your fingers through your hair and feeling nothing but softness and smoothness. That's the magic this conditioner brings to your hair care routine.

It's like a spa day, but for your hair, working tirelessly to detangle, soften, and hydrate, transforming your hair from dull and lifeless to rejuvenated and radiant.

It's your personal hair therapist, ready to breathe life back into your tresses with every use.

Deep Conditioning and Treatment

Deep Conditioning and Treatment

Sometimes, your hair needs a little extra love. This is where the magic of deep conditioners and specialised treatments comes into play.

They offer that extra dose of love and care that can truly transform your hair.

Salon Only SO Magic 28 in 1

Imagine having a single product that caters to almost every need of your hair. Yes, this lightweight styling treatment is packed with a staggering 28 benefits, making it a powerhouse in a bottle!

Infused with the richness of Australian Caviar Lime, Cocoa, and Mango, it's like a feast for your hair, nourishing it from root to tip. But the magic doesn't stop at nourishment.

This wonder product forms a protective shield around your strands, guarding them against colour fading and the harsh realities of pollution.

And for those who can't resist the allure of heated styling, this treatment acts as a guardian angel, preserving the integrity and beauty of your hair.

DeLorenzo Instant Rejuven8 The Ends

If you're someone who often finds themselves battling with dry ends, especially in blonde locks, this product is about to become your new best friend.

It's not just a treatment; it's a revolution in haircare, specifically designed to breathe life back into those tired, frizzy ends.

Whether you're gearing up for a blow-drying session or planning a chic updo, this product is your go-to stylist, ensuring a frizz-free, glossy finish that screams salon-fresh elegance.

It's like having a professional stylist at your fingertips, ready to transform your hair into a masterpiece with every use.

Special Care for Special Hair

Special Care for Special Hair

Whether you're looking to protect your hair from the elements or give it a quick refresh, these products have you covered:

NAK Dry Clean Shampoo

We've all had those days - rushing to work or a sudden plan pops up and washing your hair feels like a marathon task.

Don't sweat it! This dry shampoo is here to be your time-saver.

A quick spray and voila! It sucks up all the excess oil, giving your hair a fresh and clean makeover. It's like having a magic wand that keeps your hair ready for anything, anytime.

Keune Care Color Brillianz Shampoo

Coloured hair needs special care. This shampoo is your hair's best buddy, making sure your colour stays as lively and glossy as day one, without robbing it of its natural oils.

It's your go-to for keeping that colour looking fresh and fabulous, always!

RPR Brighten My Blonde Shampoo

Blonde hair has a mind of its own, and sometimes it decides to go a bit brassy. But no worries, this shampoo is here to save the day!

It works like a charm to brighten and tone, making sure your blonde streaks remain as vibrant and cool as you are!

Styling and Protection

Your haircare routine isn't complete without the right styling products.

Keune Style Texture Power Paste

Who doesn't love a bit of texture and drama in their hair, right? Especially if you're rocking that chic short hair, this paste is about to become your best friend.

Picture this: You, stepping out with a hairstyle that holds up against the wind, the hustle, and the bustle, yet looks effortlessly messy and stylish.

Yes, this paste gives you that strong hold without making it look like you tried too hard. It's your secret weapon for those "I woke up like this" perfect hair days!

Clever Curl Light Conditioner

Now, for our curly and wavy-haired beauties, we know the struggle of keeping those curls hydrated and bouncy. Well, we've got something that your curls are going to absolutely adore.

It steps in to quench the thirst of dry, rebellious curls, giving them a soft, bouncy, and utterly irresistible vibe. Imagine your curls dancing gracefully with every step you take, turning heads wherever you go.

Yes, that's the magic this conditioner brings to your haircare routine!

Step-by-Step Guide to a Luxurious Haircare Routine

Step-by-Step Guide to a Luxurious Haircare Routine

Step 1: Cleansing

Start your routine with the Davines NOUNOU Nourishing Shampoo. Apply a small amount to wet hair, massage gently into a lather, and rinse thoroughly. This shampoo is perfect for those with treated hair, providing deep nourishment and restoring natural shine.

Step 2: Conditioning

After shampooing, apply the GK Hair Moisturizing Conditioner generously to your hair, focusing on the ends. Leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing to allow the nutrients to penetrate deeply, leaving your hair soft and manageable.

Step 3: Deep Conditioning

Once a week, treat your hair to a deep conditioning session with the Salon Only SO Magic 28 in 1. Apply it to damp hair, focusing on the mid-lengths and ends. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes before rinsing. This treatment protects your hair from various damages and adds a beautiful shine.

Step 4: Styling

On days when you are styling your hair, use DeLorenzo Instant Rejuven8 The Ends to smooth and stop flyaways. Apply a small amount to your palms and work it through the ends of your damp hair before styling as usual.

Step 5: Refreshing Your Hair

For those busy days when washing your hair isn't an option, refresh your locks with NAK Dry Clean Shampoo. Spray it onto the roots of your hair and massage it in to absorb excess oil and impurities, giving your hair a clean and refreshed look.

Step 6: Special Care for Colored Hair

If you have coloured hair, incorporate the Keune Care Color Brillianz Shampoo into your routine to maintain the vibrancy of your hair colour. Use it as your regular shampoo to keep your colour looking fresh and vibrant.

Step 7: Finishing Touch

Finish your style with the Keune Style Texture Power Paste for a strong hold and matte finish. It's perfect for creating textured and messy hairstyles, giving your hair a salon-finished look.

The Bottom Line



Let's face it, we all want that effortlessly gorgeous hair without the fuss. After all, your hair is a reflection of your health and style!

Here's a little secret: always apply conditioner a good few minutes before rinsing. It's like giving your hair a mini hydration boost.

And hey, if you can, let it air dry. It's all about embracing the natural vibes, plus it saves your locks from the whole blow-drying ordeal.

Oh, and before you whip out that curling iron, a little leave-in conditioner goes a long way in keeping those strands protected.

And with the right products, you're giving your hair the VIP treatment it truly deserves!

So, what do you say? Swing by Salon Style and treat yourself to some hair-pampering goodies.

Invest in your hair. It's the crown you never take off.

Note: Always consult with a haircare professional before making significant changes to your routine or using new products.

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