GO BIG: The benefits of buying Litre & Bulk Sizes


When you think of buying litre & bulk size, images might come to mind of stockpiling toilet paper, freezers filled with frozen goods on special, or trips to Costco!

But when it comes to buying your haircare products in litre & bulk size, it’s a little more glamorous! No need to clear out your garage or make room in the freezer. Buying your haircare in litre & bulk size simply means a slightly larger bottle in your shower, and plenty of benefits!

Here are our Top 3 reasons for going big and buying our Litre options.


If you're committed to your haircare products and want to secure them at the possible price, buying BIG is for you! Whether it’s coffee or Shampoo, choosing a 1L option almost always means a cheaper cost per ml or gram.

It might be a larger initial outlay, but you’re going to end up with more money in your wallet at the end of the day. Plus, you can always use our buy now, pay later options!


Not only do you end up with more cash to splash, but you’ll spend less time on the internet processing your payments. Filling the Shampoo bottle with shower water to capture those last dregs becomes a thing of the past - because you’re running out so much less often.


Decrease your number of purchases of the same dang product and reduce your plastic waste! Go on, do it for the kids.


So which of our glorious haircare brands offer a Litre option? Here are a couple of our fave available ranges!


If frizz is the problemo, whether it’s a natural phenomenon for you or you’re living in a humid climate, the Redken Frizz Dismiss Conditioner 1 Litre will moisturise your locks into smooth loving submission.

Soft locks are a thing of the present with the Redken All Soft Mega Shampoo 1 Litre, a range infused with Argan oil and protein to treat dry and brittle hair.

If you’re seeking locks as smooth as vegan peanut butter, the Pureology Smooth Perfection Conditioner 1 Litre is your ticket to ride. Fragrant in clove, violet and musk, it’s an aromatic treat for frizz-prone colour treated hair, and works a detangling charm.


Don’t ever settle for flat - arm yourself with the Pureology Pure Volume Conditioner 1 Litre. Enriched with Aloe and Soy proteins, hair is infused with natural volume and glorious shine.

Make it big and beautiful with the Keune Care Absolute Volume Shampoo 1 Litre, at once volumising, thickening and strengthening with Wheat proteins and Provitamin B5 for an ongoing remedy to flat hair.

The plot thickens with the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Lemon Sage Thickening Conditioner 1 Litre. Infused with a wonderful natural formulation of Tea Tree, Lemon and Sage, this lightweight formula moisturises, detangles and cleverly brings fullness to thin and fine hair.


Restoring health to brittle and dry hair is the Goldwell Dualsenses Rich Repair Restoring Conditioner 1 Litre, ideal for coloured locks and hair that’s getting a bit, well, knotty.

If your hair is waving a white flag, restore it to strength with the iconic Extreme range by Redken, including the Redken Extreme Shampoo 1 Litre

Keune are getting in on the Litre action too with their Vital Nutrition Range, designed to revitalised stressed out strands and protect from dehydration and UV rays. Pair the Keune Care Vital Nutrition Shampoo and Conditioner 1 Litre for a fool-proof system to repair and restore.

Bring back moisture instantly with Paul Mitchell. The Paul Mitchell Instant Moisture Conditioner 1 Litre is a colour safe, vegan friendly formulation that works to strengthen the cuticle and improve elasticity in every strand!

Moisturise and replenish with a heady bouquet of lavender and mint. Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Lavender Mint Moisturizing Shampoo 1 Litre is your colour-safe, vegan friendly solution for dry and wild strands.


Blondes will have more fun with the Goldwell DualSenses Blondes & Highlights Anti-Yellow Shampoo and Conditioner in 1 Litre sizes. Choose to be blonde over yellow with Goldwell’s Fade Stop Formula, working to instantly neutralise brassy tones and protect your colour between salon visits.

Blonde and vegan? Have we got the hair food for you. The Pureology Strength Cure Blonde Conditioner 1 Litre is a purple conditioner with violet pigments to brighten, tone and add shine.

Buying Litre packs is the environmentally friendly, wallet-friendly AND routine-friendly solution. No matter your hair concern, these clever brands have you covered. Select the range for you and enjoy the benefits of buying big!

Zoe Evans

She knows what works, and that's what she loves. She is a hair and beauty ̶a̶d̶d̶i̶c̶t̶ enthusiast. She researches this stuff for fun on a Saturday night.