Meet Kerasilk: Endless opportunities. Individual solutions.


Get ready! The next chapter of Kerasilk is better than ever.

Known for their problem solving keratin-based products, the strength of the Kerasilk name has encouraged the team to level up their offering while also listening to the changes in consumer tastes.

For Kerasilk the brand, this means moving away from using traditional animal-derived keratin and seeking innovative answers in plant-derived formulas.

That’s right kids; Kerasilk is now vegan. Hooray!

For a little background, keratin is the main structural protein that makes up hair and feathers, hoofs and horns. By definition, it’s animal based, as it occurs naturally within us!

But by shifting their focus towards sustainablility and technology-driven formulations that mimic animal-sourced ingredients, the new wave of Kerasilk is better for the planet while retaining their effectiveness.



That’s the line, because it’s true! 40 years of innovation has built a reputation on products that work, improving hair’s resilience and strength, elasticity and shine.

It’s a brand we trust. Yesterday’s success means tomorrow’s next best hair product can be created with a wealth of knowledge, delivering high performance technology in a simple, intuitive and increasingly responsible way.


Vegan Silk+ Technology forms the basis of the new Kerasilk keratin-style products. This uses Biomimetic Silk and high potency natural ingredients instead of silk proteins, and replenishes amino acids within and outside each strand of hair.

Purposeful and precise, Kerasilk are able to hone in on specific hair concerns and deliver specific results.

For example: unruly hair. If you are seeking significant hair optimisation and improvement, look no further than the Smoothing Mask. This specialty product is designed to fortify the hair’s strand for locks that experience 99% less breakage and are up to 18x more resistant to external stressors! 

It also delivers lasting hydration for up to FIVE washes, plumping up the hair’s fibre for thicker, stronger hair. Big oof!

For everyday products that form the foundation for your best smooth hair, the Smoothing Shampoo & Conditioner are your daily go-to’s with a difference. For nourishment and control, this cleansing pair use Biomimetic Silk and Shea oil for gentle results that tame frizz and soothe your locks without stripping the hair’s natural goodness.

To complete the process of banishing frizz, the Taming Balm is the last piece of puzzle. Using more Biomimetic Silk and Shea oil, you can apply this any time to your unruly locks to regain your sense of control (including humidity control) for up to 72 hours. Boom!

When it comes to styling, your high performance tools deserve high performance products.

For a spray that really truly protects, the Liquid Cuticle Filler is your girl. Activated by heat, the spray improves cuticle protection by up to 93%, rendering the hair fibre up to 14x more resilient to thermal stressors - aka your heat tools. Epic!

Using this spray will restore hair’s structure in the long term by refining the cuticle and protecting your hair from those fabulous yet naughty tools!

For a look that’s defined and perfected, enter the Texturizing Spray. Made to deliver natural-looking, soft to touch hair with a satin look finish, this is a spray that’ll make you want them to run their fingers through your hair. It’s naughty AND nice. Plus, you can use it between washes when you’re restyling your look with your heat tools.

To get technical, it delivers up to 5x more body, heat protection and frizz protection for up to 72 hours, PLUS heat protection up to 230 degrees. You really can’t go wrong.



In addition to 100% vegan and cruelty-free formulations, Kerasilk products are also certified climate neutral.

Stripping back their formulations also means no parabens or sulfates, microplastics or UV filters, while their commitment to minimizing wasteful packaging means recycling many components and still achieving a premium vibe. Quite franky, we’re here for all of it.

We love a dramatic makeover as much as any Romcom lover. But this is not a “one night only” scenario” - this next level goodness that also delivers stellar results is here to stay.

Easy to choose and use, and withstrong measurable results, stronger and more beautiful locks are on the cards.

Your best hair is ahead of you with the new Kerasilk.

Zoe Evans

She knows what works, and that's what she loves. She is a hair and beauty ̶a̶d̶d̶i̶c̶t̶ enthusiast. She researches this stuff for fun on a Saturday night.