Caring for the chosen one - your colour preservation hitlist!


If you’re someone that chooses to take the reins on their hair colour, you’ll know that holding onto your hue can be an uphill battle, especially for redheads or anyone who has coloured their hair a shade far from their natural.

We’ll admit to being in denial about  just how much we spend on your hair colour appointments - let alone willing do to the maths on the yearly spend… But could we all be managing the process all a little better?

To prolong your colour between washes, and potentially decrease the regularity of your visits, make sure you invest in quality products that are specifically designed to maintain coloured hair.

Keep your locks healthy and hydrated with these zingers, ready keep hair clean, soft and fresh without stripping that expensive colour from your locks.

Keune can certainly care for colour. The Keune Design Color Care Shampoo 250ml is a daily gentle cleansing that delivers soft, silky results and shine. Powered by the Solamer UV Protector, Sunflower Seed extract and Sea Silk protein, hair gains strength through the Color Care range.

We love a little Milk Shake magic! The Milk_Shake Color Maintainer Shampoo 300ml uses milk-derived protein along with special conditioning and hydrating agents and the  Integrity 41® colour-preserving formula to keep your hair healthy. You’ll love the way this soothes your scalp, improving hair’s daily manageability and combability.

For a light Conditioner that hangs onto hue, the KMS Color Vitality Conditioner 750ml utilises the Colour Vitality Procolour Shield and keep your hair vital and vibrant for kms - up to three times longer! Restore radiance and protect against damaging environmental aggressors while nourishing with this weightless Conditioner. Pair wth the Colour Vitality Shampoo.

Treat silvers like a precious metal. This fabulous treatment will help you to maintain 90% colour for up to 30 washes! The Schwarzkopf BC Clean Performance PH 4.5 Colour Freeze Silver Treatment 200ml brings in-depth care for up to 95% less hair breakage, neutralising those uninvited warm tones and hanging onto the cool! Keep that silver sassy with this vegan formulation, bestowing upon your hair that idyllic pH level of 4.5. 

Blondes do it brighter - and this is a stellar little blonde brightener! The Redken Blondage High Bright Pre-Shampoo Treatment 250ml  is designed to be used until you achieve your desired level of brightness. As a pre-treatment, it’s designed for use before shampooing, sealing the cuticle and filing out your hair’s pores to achieve a sealed, smooth finish in just 5-10 minutes. Infused with Vitamin C and Brightening Care Complex, use it as a part of the Blondage High Bright system for the perfect prep.

Here’s a vegan formulation that does as much for the planet as it does for you - almost! The ORI LAB By NAK Restore Condition 300ml  is a Nak for restoring hydration. Gently cleansing with Snowflower and Camellia oils and Oat extract, this one works for all hair types! Using 86% organic ingredients and packagled up in 100% recycled bottles, this one follows the Clean Beauty Ethos - ethically sourced, natural and organic.

We love spicing up our life with coloured hair. Outside from using zinger products, here are a few key coloured hair tips we swear by!

Colour preserving principles to live by:

  • Don’t overwash - colour fades a little each time!
  • Always use a heat protecting spray
  • Rinse with cool hair post-wash to seal the cuticle and hold your colour.

Let’s keep those blondes bright, silvers cool, and brunettes rich with the best colour-safe products, fam! With these in rotation, the show will go on for you you and your colour.

Reduce your salon visits by upgrading your shower buddies to a few extra colour-friendly Conditioners, Treatments and Shampoos. 

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Zoe Evans

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