We absolutely love ALFAPARF MILANO 

A number #1 brand born in Italy and now spread worldwide! Creating high end products for more than 35 years, their commitment to testing and developing never seen before products is unsurpassed.

All of their creations, ideas, formulas are tested, improved and produced with perfection in mind. My many years working in salons, I always found myself going for the Alfaparf in salon treatments every time. They made my client’s hair feel incredibly soft, shiny and manageable.

It’s not surprising that I would then also recommend the home hair care also.


Alfaparf Semi Di Lino –  Eternal Beauty Hair treatments. This care line is my absolute favourite. Dry, Damaged, Dull hair? With the latest technology to combat free radicals (atmospheric pollution) and protect the hair from the elements, you can be sure your hair will be living it’s best life.

 I particularly like the Alfaparf Semi Di Lino Reparative Low Shampoo followed by the Alfaparf Semi Di Lino Reparative Mask. Designed for use on dry, damaged and fragile hair, it strengthens each individual hair fibre and provides incredible protection from further damage.

 I then like to follow up with the Alfaparf Semi Di Lino Crystalli Liquidi – This brightening fluid is a lightweight film suitable for all hair types. It fights humidity and dryness while continuing to protect the hair from pollution and UV damage.


The importance of protecting your hair and preventing damage is where you will see stronger results as opposed to trying to repair stressed and fragile hair. That’s why as a professional, I ALWAYS encourage the use of a thermal protector prior to using any heat styling tools.

The Alfaparf Style Stories Thermal Protector is up there with the best of them. A light spray on individual sections will provide incredible protection from the high temperatures of your drier and styling tools.

And lastly, but certainly an important inclusion in my daily hair routine is the Alfaparf Style Stories Original Hairspray. My absolute go to for taming frizzies and controlling my style or blowdry. Did I mention their Dry Shampoo...?? To be honest, I Love it All!!!!


So if you’re looking for a new range to try, or even a singular product, I highly recommend trying ALFAPARF MILANO.


The SS Team