8 Ways to Add Essential Oils to Your Daily Routine


In just a few drops, you’ll have a healthy ambient combo wherever you are

Keeping our wellness in check—both physically and mentally—should be a priority, especially in the challenging times we are currently facing. Exercising when we can, watching our diet, and limiting our intake of sweets and alcohol are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our health. 

There are several other factors to consider along with simple changes we can make in our daily activities to help benefit our overall wellness. Incorporating essential oils into our lifestyle is one of them.

You can incorporate essential oils into your daily life and enjoy its healthy benefits

Do you use cleaners around your house that are filled with harsh and toxic chemicals? Are you using products full of synthetic ingredients to wash your hands? Do you have trouble getting a night of restful sleep? Essential oils can be used in a plethora of ways to move towards a more natural lifestyle approach.

How can I use essential oils? 

Generally speaking, when I think of essential oils, I think of a diffuser or oil burner sitting in the corner of a room quietly working away to make the house smell lovely. What I didn’t realise is that on top of the beautiful aromas produced, the oils were also benefiting my health (in various different ways, depending on the oil being used). 

Each essential oil has its own unique composition that delivers distinct benefits. You may already recognise lavender is used widely for its soothing and calming properties while citrus oils are commonly used as cleaning agents and air fresheners. You don’t need to be an expert on essential oils to start your journey.

Here are the ways you can use your essential oils in your daily life:

Use as an odour remover or air freshener

Essential oils are popular to add to water to create an odour remover or air freshener. Add 1-2-drops to a spray bottle of water and mist over the lounge, carpets, furniture or curtains for an instant room freshener. Using oil with purifying properties will help eliminate odours.

You can also extend this aromatic feature to your cars. You can simply get a USB-powered diffuser or for a quick hack, add one to two drops of essential oil on a cotton ball and place it in your air vents.

Infuse ECO. Modern Essentials Freespirit Essential Oil Blend to your sprays for a fresh and uplifting yet grounding aroma.

Draw a therapeutic bath

Elevate your warm bath into a therapeutic one! Who doesn’t want to spend a chill time in the bath to destress? Bring comfort to your nightly soak to another level by adding essential oils that suit your mood.

You can add soothing drops of ECO. Modern Essentials Women’s Essential Oil Blend to relieve stress or have a sound sleep.

Create your own cleaning products

Natural cleaning products are on the rise now and you can try to create your own as well to keep your house tidy. Create an all-purpose cleaner with products you can just find at home! Mix a cup of vinegar, a tablespoon of baking soda, two cups of water, and five drops (or more) of your desired essential oil in a spray bottle and presto! You’ve got yourself a fragrant-slash-cleaning agent.

Build into your skincare regimen

Essential oils can also treat a lot of skincare issues from acne to wrinkles. You can mix a few drops of essential oil into your moisturiser and serum or dilute it with a carrier oil. But before adding a dash of EOs to your skincare routine, you have to make sure they’re a-okay to use on your precious skin.

Additionally, use essential oils that can address your skin issues like tea tree oil for pimples, ECO. Modern Essentials Neroli 3% Pure Essential Oil for irritated skin, or frankincense oil for anti-ageing.

Protect yourself from pesky insects

It’s inevitable, at times, that insects like mosquitoes will come feast on your skin. It’ll leave bumps and red patches which can be annoying when you don’t have a repellant at the ready. There are essential oils that are also natural insect repellants like ECO. Modern Essential Cinnamon Pure Essential Oil that can make those pesky mosquitoes go away.

Take note that not all oils are safe to apply directly to the skin without first diluting with a carrier oil. Always check the labels for safety instructions prior to using any essential oils.

Clear your airways

There have also been studies about essential oils to ease respiratory symptoms like allergies, coughs and decongest your sinuses. These natural oils also assist in fighting bacteria, too! After all, these EOs have been a traditional way people used to treat these symptoms.

Clear congested sinuses with ECO. Modern Essentials Sinus Clear Essential Oil and refresh and awaken your nasal passage with a blend of lemongrass, lime, grapefruit, and peppermint. If you want something more direct, the ECO. Modern Essentials Eucalyptus Pure Essential Oil will be your ultimate go-to.

Soothe yourself with a massage oil

The relaxing perks of essential oil also extend to creating your own massage oils. Aromatherapy massage can help you feel at ease and even boost your energy levels by combining fractionated coconut oil with your chosen essential oil. 

The blend will soothe your skin and create a comforting sense as you feel the kneading sensation of your masseur. You can also do this by yourself by massaging key areas like your hands, legs, or shoulders.

For a relaxing sleep

A good night’s sleep is what everyone wants at the end of the day. Find yourself in a relaxing state before snoozing with the ECO. Modern Essentials Deep Sleep Aroma Trio. You can use each bottle by rotating them individually or creating a blend of your own and adding it to your diffuser for a really rested night. 

The use of essential oils is so vast and varied, with enormous benefits. Making small changes gradually will have you well on your way to enhancing your overall wellness. Whether it be by reducing the toxins and synthetic products in your home or using your oils aromatically to boost your mood, there is a reason why so many believe and embrace essential oils.