Tools of the Trade



Recreating the salon experience at home starts with having the right tools and the right products. You are never going to achieve the results you get when you visit the hairdresser if you’re drying your hair with the plastic brush you found in the bottom of your handbag and the heat from your car heater… Trust me, I’ve tried. 

There’s a reason hairdressers are protective of their personal tools. Each comb, brush and sectioning clip have a specific job and not all can be used generically.

Here’s a comparison of some of the most common tools needed to get salon quality results. 


Wide Tooth Combs


These are especially great for using on wet hair and detangling. They are also used for combing out fresh curls to create gorgeous waves.

Tail Combs


Sectioning the hair for blowdrying or upstyling. Also for soft teasing to create volume at the roots. My favourite use for this type of comb is using it to guide my hair straightener. By keeping the hair tangle free and in the correct position, it gives you a professional finish on the hair.

Vent Brushes


These brushes allow air to flow through the brush, helping blast excess moisture out. They are best used for quick blow drying, with movement and root volume if desired. These are also great for men’s short hair styles. They allow for a fast and fuss free blow dry.

  • Good for fine/medium hair
  • Men’s shorter style
  • Also great for quickly drying children’s hair

Bristle Radial Brushes

These are the mecca of brushes in the hairdressing world. They are designed to be used when blowdrying the hair in sections, to create volume, smoothness and shine. The bristles are specially crafted to polish the cuticle and reduce frizz. Depending on what you are trying to achieve, these brushes can be used to either straighten the hair or create movement and curls.

  • These brushes are especially good for thicker, curly, unruly hair
  • To stretch out and straighten hair
  • For a more professional style blow dry and smooth finish

Note: Vented radial brushes can be used in the same manner but better for finer hair. 

Radial brushes come in a huge range of sizes. Using the right size brush is crucial for getting the desired results.

Small sized brushes work best on shorter styles but are also used for getting the right shape in a fringe or shorter layers, where a larger brush isn’t suitable.

Avoid getting a brush too small for your length hair as this can lead to your hair getting tangled in the brush.

Medium size brushes are fairly universal – a good brush for learning to blow dry your hair and can be used for most hair types. Unless of course your hair is quite short.

Large bristle brushes are best used in long hair. They help create a smooth finish and can also be used to tame frizziness in a style. With a clever pro trick – Spritz a small amount of hairspray over the brush before gently brushing through a ponytail, waves or lengths of hair to calm any fuzzies!

Detangling Brushes

As their name suggests, these brushes are specially designed to loosen knots and tangles without causing any pain or discomfort. They also help minimise breakage and split ends and PERFECT for children!

Paddle Brushes

These flat based brushes are ideal for general brushing to detangle, a quick sleek blow dry and also assisting in upstyles and ponies. These can also be used for a flatter, straight fringe.

Now you’ve had a lesson in the differences, it’s a matter of asking yourself what you want out of your brush. Are you going to spend the time to section your hair and dry each individual section with a bristle brush? Or are you a quick dry kinda gal? Maybe you don’t ever blow dry your hair but could benefit from a detangling brush.

Whatever your needs, there is sure to be the right tool for the job.


Happy Blowdrying (or not)


Love the SS Team