Getting started with Essential Oils



Once you delve into the complex world of essential oils, their uses and benefits and all the do’s and don’ts, it can be quite overwhelming and a bit of a put off. Here we are providing you with some of the basics, so you can ease your way in!


First decide what you want to get out of your essential oils. Are you simply wanting your house to smell nice? Or are you looking for a natural alternative to cleaning products? Do you want to use them for your mental health or to relieve aches and pains?

 Eco. Aroma Top 3 Essential Oils 

Our advice would be to pick your main reasons and then research the appropriate oils to suit those needs. You can then expand your collection as you get more confident.


Got your first purchase of oils delivered and you’re super excited to get going straight away. Before you get in to burning, mixing, spraying or whatever you planned to do with your oils, make sure you follow the directions provided. Good quality essential oils are extremely concentrated and therefore very potent. If not used carefully, they can be a skin irritant and cause unwanted side effects. You might be tempted to go a few extra drops than suggested but this won’t do you any good. We assure you!


Essential oils have been known to aid in the healing of many ailments, from acne to arthritis and so many others in between. You need to be aware, if you are wanting to use your essential oils for skin care or aromatherapy massage, and ensure they are diluted with a carrier oil (such as coconut oil, sweet almond or even olive oil). Here is a chart courtesy of Eco. Modern Essential oils with the suggested dilution depending on age and health status. *Please note – Essential oils are not recommended to be used on children under 2 years of age.


The most obvious and perhaps the most common way is in an oil burner or diffuser. The healing properties of the oils are absorbed through your lungs into your limbic system and also make their way to your blood stream. They can enhance our mental and emotional state and trigger serotonin and endorphins.

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They can be added to your bath. Although oil and water don’t mix, so to avoid any skin irritations add your oil to any of these prior to adding to your bath
Full cream milk - Coconut oil - Honey - Another carrier oil

This will help your oil to disperse nicely in your relaxing, luxurious bath. You can also achieve the same via a foot or hand soak.

 Now we are aware of Essential oils helping our physical and emotional wellbeing, let’s look at other uses for them.

Surface disinfectant spray, add up to 40 drops of essential oil to 250ml of distilled water in a spray bottle. Some of our favourite oils for a disinfectant spray include Lemon, Lavender, Eucalyptus and Cinnamon.

Add to your clothes washing. This can provide lovely fragrance and depending on which oil you choose can be an added disinfectant.

As an air freshener. Add a few drops of your favourite scent to water and spritz around your house for an instant pick me up.

To help you sleep. Try putting a drop of lavender oil on your pillow case to help you unwind and aid in sleep.

Eco. Modern Essentials Sleep Blend

Tell us how you use your favourite essential oils!

*Please always use with caution and follow the directions. Keep out of reach of children. 

Breathe. Be Calm. De Stress. Relax

The SS Team