Transform Your Fine and Thin Hair with These Hair Heroes


Thin or fine hair getting you down? We feel you, sis.

We know, of course, that you can have fine hair that’s not thin, and thin hair that’s not fine, or both fine and thin hair… Or hair that is thick and full. It’s complicated… Sort of.

Fine refers to the thickness of the strand in diameter, while thin refers to the overall volume of strands on your head. Unfortunately both of these hair types can leave you lacking volume, and feeling a little worse for… hair.

But never fear! Modern science is here, and with it, a bevvy of savvy haircare brands to ease your pain. We’re shining a little light on some of our favourite haircare solutions to bring a feeling of volume to both thin and fine hair types - because often, what helps one helps the other.

Let’s get you on track to fuller, thicker looking and feeling hair.

Incredible! Things! From Milk_Shake! No surprises here. The Milk_Shake Incredible Milk Leave-In Treatment is your clever little answer for all types of hair repair. Adding body and volume while smoothing the cuticle, protecting you from UV rays and controlling frizz, enjoy less flyaways thanks to sealed strands, and overall healthier hair.

The Keune System

New to Keune or just new to thin hair? Keune have your back. One of our absolute all-time favourite ranges is the Care Vital Nutrition range. Ideal for nourishing and repairing dry and damaged hahir, it fills the hair cuticle with lovely moisture for thicker, moisturised strands.

Use the Keune Care Vital Nutrition Shampoo as often as you need to wash - it’s fine for all hair types, actually - and then follow up with the Keune Care Vital Nutrition Conditioner, your answer to shine and nourishing hydration that heads straight for the jugular - well, the cuticle’s jugular, if it had such a thing… You get the point. It’s hitting it’s target.

The Pump System

If Pump isn’t the perfect name for a volumising marketing campaign, I don’t know what is. The Pump Haircare Thickening Sprays slogan is ‘Thick Hair Starts Here’, so you know these guys are backing themselves.

Thanks to the science-based ‘magic’ of Rice protein and Nettle, spritz this spray onto damp or towel-dried hair to add instant volume to hair in just a few spritzes.

Use the Pump Haircare Thickening Mask just once a week instead of your regular conditioner. Leave it in for just ten minutes (and just a small amount, too) and reap the results!

Medicinal Gotu Kola extract, Olive leaf and wild Horsetail extract along with Soy and Rice proteins to thicken hair by swelling each strand like a little balloon, thickening hair from root to tip. 

Pro tip: If you want an extra dose of volume, leave it on overnight and rinse in the morning. Worth a shot!

Here’s a full bodied beauty that slides under the radar. The Pure Finest Volumising Powder is an unassuming little invisible styling powder that somehow delivers flexible body for a lovely natural looking texture. Its hue (or lack thereof) won’t show up on any hair shades, instead quietly working to deliver medium control with a low shine finish.

Dispensed in soft little micro rice starch particles, all you have to do is place the nozzle directly onto the hair wherever volume is desired. Simple!

Who doesn’t love an All-In-One? The Davines OI All In One Milk makes promises, and delivers. Using Provitamin B5, Beta Carotene-rich Roucou oil and Amino Functional Complex, this leave-in multi benefit treatment is a tidy light little spray with all the benefits of a nourishing cream. It’ll aid your blow dry, control your frizz, and deliver body that’s not heavy.

Don’t let thin or fine hair get you down. We’re here to help! Our team are available online via the Chat (bottom right-hand corner) to assist you in making the right choices for your hair, whether it’s one simple new product, or a whole regime!

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