The Ultimate Product Guide to Tame Thick and Coarse Hair


Thick or coarse hair taking up all your time? Take back control!

Let’s define the difference between thick and coarse hair. Thick hair means that you have a lot of hair strands growing out of that lovely head. Thin hair means you don’t.

Coarse hair means each strand of your hair has a thicker shaft and a larger diameter, increasing the overall density of the strands. There are so many types of coarse hair you can have! It might be straight, curly, coiled or wavy. These are often a result of our ethnicity, and make us all wonderfully different! Regardless of which you have, some hair woes are likely to be very similar.

Put simply; the more hair you have, the more there is to handle. Coarse hair can feel as though it’s lacking shine, with a knack for pesky flyaways. It may be lacking body. Thick hair key manageability struggles include keeping that mane smooth and battling frizz.

If you feel like you have your hands full, read on as we dive into some of our favourite products designed to smooth out thick and coarse hair.

Let’s start with a duo. The Muk Deep Muk Shampoo & Conditioner Duo Pack is ideal for coarse hair that’s edging towards brittle. The Ultra Soft formulation gently cleanses and conditions for nourished hair that’s soft, shiny and free from tangles! Yes please.

Especially made for thick and coarse hair alike is the Philip Kingsley Re-Moisturizing Smoothing Conditioner. OUTSTANDING results will be yours as this smoothing formulation uses Hydrolyzed Oat protein to get strands into line with moisture that doesn’t equate to grease! Seal and smooth out those cuticles for soft, smooth frizz-free hair that’s easy to style.

Keep the smooth operators coming. This vegan formulation has no qualms about tackling your frizz head on. Detangling and softening, shiny running-your-fingers-through-its-lush-sexiness locks are yours with the Juuce Miracle Smooth Conditioner. Because we believe in miracles.

Let’s talk styling. When it comes to getting a ‘do together with that thick or coarse mane, there’s a lot to be contending with. For exceptional hold, try the Keune Style Fix Brush Out Lacquer. Applicable to wet or dry hair, it bestows a beautiful shine and a strong yet flexible hold on locks, instantly drying and leaving not a flake in its wake. The best bit is you can brush it out and continue your life as normal the next day.

Here’s another one to hold that look in place all day/night. The NAK Fixation Finishing Spray is a lock and load waterfree formulation that freezes your style into place. It won’t dry out your hair, but it is humidity resistant, and it will just keep it in place until you’re ready to move on. Just Shampoo it out and bob’s your uncle!

Do you have a treatment routine? Let us get you inspired! With ongoing benefits, it’s one of the easiest ways to stay ahead of dry or unruly locks at every time of year.

Here’s one for once or twice a week. The Davroe MCT Moisture Conditioning Treatment is applied liberally to the mid lengths and ends, penetrating deeply to smooth out the shaft from within. Another goodie is the Wella Professional Invigo Nutri-Enrich Mask, using the natural goodness of Goji Berry plus their Nutri-Enrich-Blend to replenish and moisturise. Five minutes is all you need!

Who doesn’t love an oil? (Okay perhaps fine-haired girls… but if that’s you, what cha doing here lovely? This article is not for you and your sweet head!) The Alfaparf Semi Di Lino Curls Multi-Benefit Oil is a magic multi-tasker. It does all the oil things we know and love, like smoothing to define curls and waves and remove frizz, hydrating and detangling. Using cold extracted Manketti oil, Vitamin E, Sunflower seed and Linseed oil, it also protects hair’s colour, and protects you from your self (aka your heat tools) up to 230 degrees!

Extra hero tips:

  • Try sleeping on silk. With less friction, a silk pillowcase will prevent tangling
  • Avoid the heat tongs, pls
  • Moisture is your friend! Regular masks and treatments are for you
  • Keep your hair products natural. Harsh chemicals and alcohol will dry out your hair
  • Nourish from the inside with collagen and vitamins
  • Keep those haircuts regular. This doesn’t have to mean your hair is shorter!
  • If your hair is coarse, opt for a wide bristle brush like this one by Ibiza Hair.

Sort your thick and coarse strands, and define a mane instead online at Salon Style, your Australian online haircare destination. Enjoy free shipping on all orders over $50, same day dispatch, and free samples on every order over $99. You’ll never regret investing in manageability.

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