5 Haircare Products That Will Banish Frizz for Good


Ready to say goodbye to frizz for good? We hear you. Some hair is naturally frizzy, but its more likely to be curly or wavy hair. This is because these types of hair are literally less linear, meaning the sebum and natural oils of a healthy scalp are unable to move directly down the hair shaft in the same cruisy way. It’s a bit of a bumpier ride.

But other hair that frizzes can be the result of damage and dryness. When hair is dry, the hair shaft is open rather than smooth and sealed, which allowed environmental moisture to dive right on in and expand the shaft.

Depending on your reasons for a frizzy mane, within these five haircare products is your answer to taming frizzy hair.

Curly Girls & Natural Frizz

If you’re a curly girl, we recommend the Clever Curl system for encouraging those natural curls to take their purest form.

Begin with the Clever Curl Cleanser. This product is part of the ‘No Poo’ phenomenon, a relatively new approach to cleaning hair. This essentially means that while it’s a Cleanser, it’s not Shampoo. Instead, it’s part of an anti-Shampoo method of haircare that promotes an impressive list of benefits.

Boasting better texture and volume, less need for styling products, and most importantly, a healthier scalp and hair due to less stripping of natural oils, there are a lot of pro’s to the ‘No Poo’ methodology.

Back to the cleanser. This is an easy step for those tired of overusing products that would like to return to a more natural approach to everyday hair management. Sulphate and silicone free, made using 82.7% Certified Organic ingredients, colour safe and cruelty free, this gentle cleanser cleans and hydrates your hair and scalp without creating a big, messy lather.

Curly girls, we continue on to your next step with the Clever Curl Rich Conditioner. Because curls deserve and need hearty hydration! This luscious Conditioner can be used as a Co-Wash, as a regular Conditioner, and can also be used as a leave-in for those days when you need a little bit extra.

Did we lose you at Co-Wash? Let us tangent back to the ‘No Poo’ method. Specifically, Co-washing means skipping the Shampoo step altogether and going straight in for the conditioning kill. 

Reasons you might use the Co-Wash method:

  1. Your hair is naturally dry and has a seemingly endless ability to absorb moisture
  2. You want to keep your hair’s natural oils doing their thing without interference, and without over-producing natural sebum stripped from Shampooing
  3. Your hair is colour-treated and therefore extra porous (see 1)

It might take a few greasy weeks for your hair to acclimatise to the Co-Wash method, but there is always Dry Shampoo to fall back on! Once you find your equilibrium, you may never look back.

In saying this, Fine haired Queens, this method may be overall less suited to your hair type. The Co-Wash method is definitely better suited to curly and coarse hair. 

Battling Humidity and/or Dry and Damaged Hair.

Frizz from the elements or lifestyle!

Frizzy hair can be the result of unhealthy or dry hair, whether from a hard life of repeated colouring, sub-par products, or a summer of daily ocean swims. It could simply be that you live in a region with above average humidity.

Either way, these frizz dismissed are ready to be put to work.

The Redken Frizz Dismiss Sulfate-Free Shampoo is a fuss-free smoothing solution enriched with Babassu oil that you can put to work restoring smoothness and shine. Our customers reckon it’s great for curly hair and scalp health! Pair it with the conditioner and leave-in conditioner for a seamless journey to frizz dismissal.

If you love an easy fix, the Juuce Wake Up Wax Spray is the spritz you need to smooth down or style your locks without that uninvited extra volume. It’s applied to dry hair, so you can use it whenever you’re styling, not just straight after a wash. You can also brush it out and restyle, so you won’t have regrets tomorrow if you haven’t had a chance to re-wash!

If you’re a fan of Juuce, pair it up with their Miracle D.Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner for ultimate one system results!

For a soothing response to frizz that you can use daily, the NAK Replends Creme Leave-In Moisturiser is your new secret weapon. Powered by wonderful natural actives including Agave, Coconut oil, Rice Protein and Pear, this clever product works to protect your hair from thermal, mechanical and UV damage!

Use it dry or wet after a wash or shower - however you like. It’s versatile, baby - just like your new frizz-free locks!

When it comes to treating frizz, it’s a matter of personal trial and error. We passionately believe that you simply should not knock a new method until you’ve tried it on your own hair!

Whether it’s frizz from head to toe or a few pesky recurring flyaways, find your unique balance with the right mix of smoothing shampoos and/or conditioners, anti-frizz serums and/or oils. We’ve got all the goods ready for you online at Salon Style!

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