Eliminate Excess Oil with These Hair Saviours



Oily Hair Saviours

If you don’t have naturally oily hair, you simply cannot understand the frustration and anxiety that comes with greasy locks. Honestly, no need for you to read on - go enjoy your dry head!

For those of us with oily hair woes, it’s a daily issue. Frequent washing adds hours to your weekly maintenance routine, while you can never spend too many nights away from home without your trusted products for fear of returning looking like a drowned rat. Eek.

Of course, (as though you need to hear it) as you well and truly know, Dry Shampoo is your #1 lover - and has come a long way, with a lot of guidance from its many global users. But we get it. Sometimes you just want to feel CLEAN!

A big part of oily hair and scalp issues is struggling to find the pH balance up there. Look for a nutrient-rich, clarifying Shampoo that gently cleans without overly stripping your hair of its natural oils. If you’re naturally oily, chances are a heavy clean will send your sebum production into overdrive, exacerbating the problem. So go gentle!

If you think your current routine isn’t quite going all the way, we recommend these wonderful products from Keune. Beginning with a killer Shampoo. Whatever Shampoo you use, get it lathered right into your scalp for maximum effect!

The Keune Care Vital Nutrition Shampoo is just the nourishment oily hair needs. Using five essential minerals and the Nutri-Injection Technology penetrate the shaft and scalp, cleaning while protecting from dehydration and those pesky UV rays.

For a commitment to the system, follow up with the Keune Care Vital Nutrition Conditioner. This lush treatment restores life to hair from the inside, rather than weighing down the outside, with more of that Nutri-Injection Technology and an extra dose of Pro-Vitamin B5, and Shea Butter for shine in all the right places.

If you’re a blonde, you might feel as though your light hue gives away the signs of grease a little easier than your dark-haired contemporaries. And you’d be right, for the most part. But there’s nothing stopping you from stepping out boldly every day!

For cool blondes and silvers alike, the Keune Care Silver Savior Shampoo is the perfect gently brightening formula. Using more Pro-VitaminB5, deep Purple Pigment and Wheat Proteins, hair is toned, softened and plumped from the inside.

All of these products are gentle enough to use multiple times a week without over-stressing your hair! But if you are well and truly tired of the repetitive process of washing and styling, let’s revisit this very handy, and very trending hair hack.

All of these gentle yet effective products can be used on all hair types - whether thick, coarse, or thin - so dive in and let us know what you think!


The Sleek Bun

For greasy hair girls, there’s no saviour quite like the lazy girl hairstyle - the sleek bun.

As well as disguising that naturally oily effect, a sleek, high bun also serves to throws the spotlight on your cheekbones, makeup and skin - also known as the ‘The Croydon face lift’.

If you prefer low key, timeless elegance, a low bun will do all the heavy grease lifting too - although with less of a skin tightening effect.

By mastering and committing to a sleek bun for a day or two a week, you’re giving yourself what can often feel like a much needed break from washing. And the best thing about a sleek bun is that the dirtier it is, the better it holds and looks!

For the best sleek bun, give it a little spritzy spritz beforehand with water to really get that texture going. 

You can add a little bit of leave-in conditioner for a two birds, one stone effectiveness.

Rake down those flyaways with a fine toothed brush (even a toothbrush TBH), and then use either your favourite hairspray (we recommend the Keune Style Texture Wax)  or a pomade (The Davroe Matte Pomade is a winner) - whatever your preference to work with. These will help give it a nice little bit of fragrance too, if you feel like it really is getting a bit grotty.

There’s a lot to be said for Dry Shampoo and a sleek bun inbetween washes. But when it comes to washing, these Keune products are some of our favourite gentle cleaners!

Stock up on your favourite haircare products online at Salon Style, your online haircare destination for all things greasy hair and sleek bun styling. And if you have any oily hair hacks, do not hesitate to send them in so we can share your ways with our Salon Style community!

Love the Salon Style Team.

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