This product helps me wear my confidence


Strutting down the street not just walking is something that happens on a rare occasion, well for me anyway. However, once I discovered this holy grail product I felt my confidence in my hair, the way it looked and texture improved dramatically. I'm one for hair oils, my personal collection of hair products are filled with oils and treatments so I can achieve that ultra shiny healthy look but I didn't realise I was missing this one. The Keune Care Satin Oil Treatment is a luxurious oil treatment which helps your hair look healthy, smooth and most importantly shiny. Unlike most hair oils I've used the Keune satin oil treatment added a touch of luminosity to my hair, it caught the light which helped my hair look extremely shiny. 

What are people saying? 


This is the only hair oil that keeps my tape hair extensions looking brand new, even 9 months after purchase.


-Jessica J. 


Lightweight, nourishing, easily the best treatment I have ever used, the ends of my hair are really dry this product really helps and makes your hair super shiny I also add a couple of cheeky squirts to a hair mask.


-Rebekah K. 



Keune Care Satin Oil Treatment is a luxurious oil treatment for healthy, smooth and shiny hair.  Pamper your tresses with Satin Oil, the beauty phenomenon that visibly improves your hair’s quality without adding grease or weight. Each individual strand is nourished from the inside out.  


How to use? 

Gently run a few drops through damp or dry hair or add a little oil to the Satin Oil conditioner or mask to amp up their nourishing prowess for extra shiny results.