Our favourite met looks


If you haven't been living under a rock then you would have seen almost every A-list celebrity brag about the famous Met Gala a week or so ago. The met is one of the biggest events in the fashion calendar and this year we saw some of our favourite looks yet. This years theme was 'camp' meaning love of the unnatural: of artifice and exaggeration. Alike the meaning fashion icons and celebrities graced the red carpet with a variety of over exaggerated outfits and hairstyles. Here's our top five. 

No. 5 Zendaya

Zendaya graced the red carpet with a fairytale ball down. If you imagined the extra version of Cinderella then sometime like this should pop into your head.


No. 4 Cara Delevinge 

When asked in the Met gala interview what Cara was wearing she said honestly I don't know but it's very camp. Nothing says 'camp' like having a head piece that has random teeth and eyes throughout it. She's one of the only celebrities that could pull this off. 

No. 3 Kylie Jenner 

Another classic look for Kylie that's going to go down in fashion history. The 21-year-old wore a mermaid-inspired dress which was draped in lavender crystals turned many eyes on the carpet, we loved it. 

No. 2 Dua Lipa

A mystical exaggeration of a gypsy queen? Well, we're not sure what Dua Lipa really went for with this look but we do know that she absolutely nailed it. 


No. 1 Deepika Padukone 

The breathtaking look by Deepika was our favourite of the night. We have no words, you can see the beauty for yourself. 


* All photographs are credited to Getty images.