Why does this styling product have so many 5 star reviews



Who knew a leave-in conditioner would be such a saviour on your hair? If you're an avid fan of Milk_Shake products and haven't tried this one, then it's about time you do. The Milk_Shake leave-in conditioner is formulated with Milk protein, Fruit Extract, Silicone, Hydrating and Conditioning agents that revitalize and improve shine in your hair whilst giving it a deep condition. I personally have fine flat hair and I've read that this product is perfect for curly or thick hair, so I got my colleague to try it. This is what she had to say: 


'Untangling my hair has always been a huge struggle, each curl is hard to comb through especially when wet! After trying the leave-in product in my hair I found it so much easier to comb through my hair. I used it on my kid's hair too and it combed through like a breeze. I highly recommend for anyone who has hair like mine, or wants to add some style to their curls".



What people are saying?


So good or my daughter's curly hair 

-Amy B.


I use this as an everyday leave-in and even a spritz after drying to smooth any fluffies/ Great smell and great product


I use this daily and leaves hair soft

-Faye P. 


Love this product and doesn't leave my hair sticky or stuck in clumps.

-Susan N. 


I have very thick, dry hair and this product makes it so much more manageable. Completely tackles frizz, adds moisture, and smells divine.

- Jemma m.



Need more info? 


Milk Shake Leave-In Conditioner is specifically formulated to condition hair and to make damaged hair easier to comb after using other conditioners or treatments.  It generates optimum hair moisture balance and outer hair protection. 

It detangles, moisturizes and leaves your hair smelling divine. When combined with any of the Milk Shake Shampoos it will protect your colour from fading. 



  • Milk Protein, Fruit Extract, Special Silicone, Hydrating and Conditioning Agents: revitalize and improve shine while

  • Integrity 41® and Vitamin E: guarantee a great colour seal

How to use?

Spray uniformly on clean and towel dried hair, especially on the most damaged areas.