These Are the Hair Colours You Have To Try This 2022


Change it up by going bold or update your look with a complementing hair colour

Half of the year may be over, but you can still shake things up with a hair colour you’ve never tried before (or probably want to try again). You may go bold or be subtle with it. A full head or just some highlights or lowlights. You’re probably going for a hair refresh. The major theme after years of being cooped up at home—is a spark of change!

Dyeing your hair is also a commitment. While the process can take hours, especially if you’re going from zero to platinum, aftercare plays a massive part in maintaining your look. When choosing a colour, however, there aren’t really a lot of rules.

Here are six of the hair colours that are poppin’ right now:

A honeyed or toasty blonde

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All right, blondies. Listen up! You can add a little oomph to your natural base by enhancing it with some highlights or a balayage. You can add chunky bits to frame your face for a dramatic flair. When you’re out in the sun, it’ll look like you’re beaming.

For brunettes who want to have that summer-kissed glow, adding some honey blonde streaks can add dimension to your look. Style it with some mermaid waves, and it’s as if you’ve vacay-ed in the tropics.

To maintain this look, use a purple shampoo like the Milk_Shake Silver Shine Shampoo and EverEscents Berry Blonde Treatment to keep those yellow and brassy tones at bay.

Warm brown

All-natural is a huge theme in hair colour this year. To change it up, using your natural hair colour as a base and then adding subtle warm dyes can revamp your tresses. The thing with going for a warm brown look is that it should also go with your skin tone.

If your have a fair skin tone, you can go for sandy, warm cocoa with some beige highlights. Medium skin tones can go deeper or brighten their look with butterscotch highlights. For dark skin tones, glam it up with some brown balayage or caramel highlights.

You can enhance your brunette head with the Davines Alchemic Chocolate Shampoo or blend it for a fuller appearance with the Hi-Lift Hair Building Fibres in Light Brown.

Go for a copper head

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If there’s any colour that made waves this year, it’s the copper head trend. We’ve seen it interpreted by your fave celebs in different copper hues and tones like Jennie of BlackPink, Kendall Jenner and Sydney Sweeney.

This red and brown hue fusion can brighten your skin by basing it on your skin tone. It looks sophisticated and vibrant that you’ll be a scene-stealer wherever you go!

You can intensify your copper hair with the Davroe Chroma Cherry Red with its natural cherry extract or enhance it by conditioning it with the Juuce Love Red Conditioning Colour Treatment.

Delicious in jewel tones

The jewel tone hair trend was all over Instagram in 2016. And it seems like it never left. They come in pigmented colours that are reminiscent of semi-precious stones like rose quartz, sapphire, and amethyst.

You can go a full head, highlights or an ombre. While jewel tones are usually on the cooler side, there are certain shades that have a warmer payoff that will complement warm skin tones.

Don’t let your jewelled coloured hair fade away. The Davines MINU Illuminating Shampoo protects your hair by brightening it and protecting the pigments of your treated hair. Remember to always use a moisturising treatment like the Davroe Chroma Rose Quartz to keep your hair hydrated especially if you’ve bleached it.

A mahogany blend

A dark reddish-brown combination has made the rounds this year. You can go from subtle to vibrant depending on what look you’re going for. The thing about mahogany hues is that it’s flattering for both cool and warm skin tones. There’s a reason why it’s sought after!

Take a look at how supermodel Coco Rocha excitedly showed off her mahogany red hair. According to the model, it’s been years since she’s had it and she’s more than happy to have the coveted hair colour back.

If you’re wondering what a mahogany blend looks on you, try the Milk_Shake SOS Roots Mahogany or L’Oreal Professionnel Hair Touch Up Root Concealer spray for a reddish-brown glow that’s always trendy. 

The Money Piece

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The 90s called and they’re happy that this trend is back! A lot of celebs like Bella Hadid, Ciara and Jennifer Lopez hopped on this trend and we really understand why. The money piece doesn’t just frame the face, but styling it in different ways proves its versatility. Loose beach waves look good in it. A ponytail with the money piece framing your face can upgrade the look. Or you can just let it flow as is.

Just because you’ve only managed to colour a few hairpieces, doesn’t mean you forego maintenance. Use the Davroe Chroma Blushing Gold or Vitafive CPR Serious Pink Instant Toner to keep your money piece catching the attention of many!

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