8 Ways To Avoid Dry Hair This Winter


It’s that time of the year again. A new season, a change in the environment, and a cool frigid air slowly creep up. In as much as we want to love this season—let’s be real—some skin and hair issues might make their presence felt. One of the most common issues that we Aussies face during these freezing months is combatting dry hair. 

Winter is coming and we’ve got to ready ourselves for cool and dry winds and their effects on our hair. Don’t let it feel the winter blues. We’ve got the tips on how to give the best care for your tresses in frosty weather.

Shampoo less to retain moisture

As this icy weather can dry out your hair, reducing your shampooing will do wonders. Try washing your hair with shampoo twice or thrice weekly so you won’t deplete your scalp’s moisture. Remember, your scalp has a healthy amount of sebum on it and preserving your natural hair oil is still the way to go. Overdoing your cleansing might wash it away.

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For those days when you still want to look like you’ve freshly gotten out of the shower, use dry shampoo like Pureology Style + Protect Refresh & Go Dry Shampoo on your tresses. Spray it on your hair to add volume when it has gone limp. 

Be gentle on your hair, no high heat this season

It’s tempting to keep ourselves warm during this season. However, for your hair and even your skin, hot water is a no-no. Hot water can do damage and strip off your hair’s moisture. We’re not saying you should freeze to death while showering just warm enough water that your hair and skin can take is already good enough.

This also applies to your heat styling tools. As your mane is more prone to breakage in the winter, minimising the use of heat will have your hair thanking you later. If the use of these styling tools is inevitable, don’t forget to add a Jeval HPF 230+ Heat Protection Spray or a thermal hair spray.

Use a boar bristle brush

Tangles. If there’s anything that the cold climate has brought to our tresses, it’s the stress of tangled hair. Not to worry! Going gently with the way you comb your hair from the middle part to the ends with a boar bristle brush will reduce strain on the strands and scalp.

A boar bristle brush like the Ibiza Hair B7 can also evenly distribute the oils from your scalp through the ends of your hair. Now, that’s a natural way to add shine!

Don’t skip the conditioner

If there’s anything we learned about taking care of your hair during the winter months is that you need to moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! Lather up your crowning glory with a thick conditioner with natural oils in it for deeper hydration. This will protect the outer layers of your hair strands and can reduce frizziness.

Once a week, you can also opt for a deep conditioning mask like the Lisap Top Care Repair Hyrda Care Nourishing Mask to keep your hair bouncy and healthy. You can also add a leave-in conditioner at night so that your hair is getting the moisture it needs as you sleep.

Add shine

Your hair can still have that glossy finish with just a little oil on your wet hair. You can also use a shining spray or oil to massage your scalp and stimulate blood circulation on your head. Look for a hair oil that also contains natural ingredients like the Keune So Pure Moroccan Argan Oil or coconut oil to fight the dryness.

Eat healthy fats

The root of achieving healthy hair is a balanced diet. Did you know that your locks crave healthy fats? Yes, they do! Essential fatty acids found in avocados, salmon, and olive oil can moisturise your dry scalp. Healthy fats also contain Vitamin E which is good for stimulating hair growth.

Hydrate hydrate hydrate!

Just as we’re trying to keep our hair moisturised and nourished, it’s also important that we keep it healthy on the inside. If growing your hair is something you want to do even during the season, chugging down water is a good way to go.

It is recommended that you drink at least two litres of water a day to maintain hair strength and growth. When your hair doesn’t have the nourishment from water, it leads to split ends and even breakage. Also, if your roots are hydrated, you also eliminate the chances of getting dandruff.

The cold months shouldn’t halt your haircare routine. Don’t let the freezing temperature break, damage or add stress to your locks. There are steps to prevent further damage or dryness even by just doing the basics. Just remember to always keep your hair moisturised! Your hair will thank you later.

Jillian O.

Jillian is a marketing pro of 10+ years learning to live slowly and consciously in a small surfing town with her smol hooman. Her self-care must-haves are: Allan Watts mixtape, iced coffee, and a good end-of-day face cleanse.