Hi-Lift Hair Building Fibres 25g - Light Brown



Transform Your Look with Hi-Lift Hair Building Fibres!

Discover the magic of Hi-Lift Hair Building Fibres, your secret weapon against thinning or fine hair.

In just moments, witness your hair transform to a thicker, fuller state, blending seamlessly with your existing hair for a natural, undetectable finish.

These fibres are not only a perfect match for your hair colour but are also resilient against wind, rain, and sweat-- ensuring your fuller hair look lasts throughout the day!


  • Instant Fullness: Eliminates the appearance of thinning or fine hair instantly.
  • Natural Blend: Fibres blend naturally with your existing hair, matching your hair colour.
  • Weather Resistant: Stands up to wind, rain, and sweat, maintaining your look all day.
  • Daily Confidence: Can be used daily, ideal for all hair types.


  • Quick Transformation: Provides instant results for a fuller, thicker appearance.
  • Easy Concealment: Allows for easy concealment of thinning areas on your head.
  • Light Brown Shade: Perfectly matches light brown hair, offering a natural look.

Aply to dry hair only. Shake the product on to thinning or fine hair, blending with your fingertips and gently style your hair into place. Repeat until desired result achieved.

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