A few words from our friends at Paul Mitchell on their latest and greatest addition to the Paul Mitchell world: CLEAN BEAUTY

While the plant-based food sector is currently growing at a tremendous rate, interest in cruelty-free, sustainable products is also growing. As a whole, people are more aware of our impact on the planet and what can happen if we don’t treat it properly. 

With more understanding around our impact on the world, people are now demanding more sustainable and ethical products. Research shows that young consumers in particular are changing their spending habits in order to combat climate change. So what’s better than saving the planet? Having good hair while doing it, obviously! 

Introducing Paul Mitchell’s latest range of ethically made shampoos, conditioners and treatments: Clean Beauty! The Clean Beauty range is not only made with sustainably sourced ingredients, it’s also powered by clean energy. Paul Mitchell’s Clean Beauty formulas are made with organic botanicals which Paul Mitchell grows on a biodynamic farm. To ensure consumers have the ultimate farm to bottle experience, Paul Mitchell manufactures their products using 100% certified clean energy which helps reduce pollution and greenhouse gases. How amazing is that?!

Sustainable Packaging

Paul Mitchell’s Clean Beauty bio-based packaging is 90% derived from ethically and sustainably harvested sugarcane, which helps reduce the harmful greenhouse gas emissions which contribute to climate change. Not only this, but the bottles are 100% recyclable and feature a cap which uses 46% less plastic than a standard bottle cap..

It’s great for all hair types

Not only is Clean Beauty great for the environment, but of course it’s also amazing for your hair. Even with the clean ingredients and sustainable packaging, the formulations used are also unmatched. The four categories - Everyday, Hydrate, Smooth and Repair - are packed full of all the good stuff to leave your hair feeling amazing. 

The Everyday range features a shampoo, conditioner and a leave in treatment. It has been formulated with argan oil and aloe vera to soften and condition the hair, provide antioxidants, fatty acids and vitamin E to increase the hair’s elasticity and shine - WIN!

As for the Hydrate range, you can treat your locks with the beautifully formulated shampoo and conditioner. Made with a combo of olive and oat peptide to help maintain hair health and protect it from damage by nourishing and conditioning while improving the overall look and feel of the hair. 

For all of those in need of some smoothing,Paul Mitchell has you covered with an anti-frizz range which includes the Anti-Frizz Shampoo, Anti-Frizz Conditioner and an Anti-Frizz Leave-In Treatment. The products in this particular range are formulated with almond oil and hyaluronic acid this dynamic duo work together to nourish and strengthen hair with omega-6 fatty acids, phospholipids and vitamin E. If you’re unsure what any of that means just know it means you’re going to have super hydrated, silky, shiny hair - need we say more?

Last but definitely not least is the Repair range. The Repair range includes Shampoo, Conditioner and a Leave-In treatment. Formulated with amaranth extract and pea protein (if you don’t know how amazing pea protein is, do yourself a favour and have a google - we’re obsessed!) these ingredients provide essential amino acids that help strengthen and hydrate hair, repair damage, prevent breakage and help maintain elasticity. 


Paul Mitchell is committed to helping the hair industry reduce our collective carbon footprint, whilst supporting salons. By pairing sustainable formulas with innovative bio-based packaging, it is hoped that other brands will follow suit when it comes to going green.

The plant based revolution is here to stay, don’t get left behind!