Five Super Easy Ways To Do A Lifestyle Detox


The beginning of the year is a time used by many to reflect on the year gone. It's also where most people set goals for the year ahead. Think of your career plans and #travelgoals for the year—what do you have in store for you?

Thinking of resolutions give you the chance to do this. It's a time to think about what matters most and flush the toxins from the indulgences you've had in the past year—physically, spiritually, and most especially, mentally.

Taking control of your physical and mental health and focusing on your well-being can be difficult at the best of times. It can be even harder for anyone who has a hectic lifestyle. You try to balance work, family, and friends. Even finding the time to put into yourself can be quite a challenge. 

When life gets pretty overwhelming, a lifestyle detox may be in order. Here are some ways where you restore and achieve calm in your life:

Make small achievable adjustments to your daily lifestyle

Ever hear those popular 7-day or 14-day life detox? While they have their advantages, the key to making sure it has an impact to you is that they're achievable in the long term.

You can cut back on alcohol, commit to a 10-minute walk everyday or making sure you get enough sleep at night will have a positive effect. They seem so simple but doable habits are likely to stick.

Drink more water

It's such a simple task yet so many of us struggle to even hit the minimum recommended daily intake. Drinking water has so many health benefits! It's really, really essential for our bodies!

Add some more benefits to your water drinking through fruit-infused water. Try adding slices of lemon, orange or cucumber to feel even more refreshed.

Replenish what your body needs


Busy lifestyles may affect the way we eat. Due to being always on-the-go, we have a tendency to opt for instant food, sugar-filled or processed food to fuel us for the day. Having a balanced diet still trumps this tendency. While a few cheat days are okay, incorporating the right amount of leafy greens, fruits, and proteins in your meals will fill you just as well.

You can also add care to your body by topping up with supplements that can help get you to the right levels of nutrition. While supplements are never recommended in place of a balanced diet, they are great for enhancing our body's needs.

We love mixing it up with Kissed Earth Replenish Chocolate, the Tonik Feel Good’r Bundle, and Vani-T Lumiere Collagen Beauty Peptides

Relax your mind with essential oils

Essential oils can help detoxify your body and mind. Whether you incorporate them in your massage or use a diffuser in your home or office, their effects can be instantaneous.

Target your lymphatic system with oils such as lemon or frankincense with your next massage or apply yourself (always with a carrier oil) around your neck and shoulders.

There are even oils to aid in digestion issues, try Eco. Modern Essentials Digestive Essential oils rollerball. 


Allow time to unwind your mind

This last year has made it so evident how much we need to care for our mental health as well as our body. They go hand-in-hand. When one suffers, so does the other.

That headache that won’t go away, those belly grumbles that make you uncomfortable throughout the day, and the niggling pains that seem to disappear (or at least subside) when we take away some of our mental stresses. This may mean having downtime from work or going away for a weekend.

By reducing our stress levels, we reduce our body’s need to function in constant fight or flight mode.

Refocus, Recharge and give yourself a little love in 2021!