What made you smile today?


In this day and age we talk a lot about our appearance; dry hair, oily skin, wrinkles, body fat, cellulite… but even if we ticked all the boxes physically, would that necessarily make us happy?

I’ve put a lot of thought in to this lately and my answer is NO.

We put so much effort into our appearance and yet the perfect tan, makeup, teeth, body etc isn’t always what makes us smile. YES, we feel CONFIDENT when we look good but, sometimes we have exterior circumstances bringing us down emotionally.

Life isn’t always easy, even for the beautiful people! You could look like J-Lo and still have challenges; Whether it be money, family troubles, work stress or whatever is troubling your mind.

When life gets you down, it can be hard to shake, so I asked the team here at Salon Style what their go-to solution is when they are feeling blue. 

  1. Listen to HAPPY music – something that brings back fun memories and dance around the room

  2. EXERCISE – yes it sounds gross. The last thing you want to do when you feel crappy is go to the gym. But we all know that endorphins do incredible things for our mental health and that’s what gets ‘em going.
  3. Organise a day out with Friends. Have you been neglecting your friendships and feel isolated? Pick up the phone and make a date.
  4. Put Your Phone Down. Live in the moment. Enjoy what’s in front of you. We get so caught up in what other people are doing that we forget to appreciate real time. All the ‘fake’ we see every day can make you question your own world. Keep perspective and remind yourself the grass isn’t greener – just water your own lawn.
  5. Pamper yourself. Relaxing is so important. Give yourself a makeover, facial, pedicure, tan etc. All the things you don’t normally find time for. FIND THE TIME. Allowing time for yourself and your own mental health can be the difference between whether you smile today or not….

And we want you to smile x