What is the Curly Girl Method?


The Curly Girl Method

What is the Curly Girl Method?


The Curly Girl Method is specific way to address caring for naturally curly hair. Its approach comes from Lorraine Massey’s book “Curly Girl: The Handbook”. Ultimately it encourages embracing your natural curl in a less is best kind of way… Less shampooing, less styling, less products containing harsh chemicals and even less combing!


What are the benefits of the Curly Girl Method?

Curly hair tends to be prone to dryness. Following the Curly Girl method encourages you to manage your curls gently, avoiding damage and a frizzy unmanageable mane!


How do you follow the Curly Girl Method?

To follow the Curly Girl Method to its fullest can be quite daunting and restrictive (especially if you tend to use a lot of product and styling tools to manage your curls). So I suggest you take from it what suits you and your hair, obviously if you ignore the main crux of it then you’re not going to see any benefits!


Try to Avoid:


  • Shampoo. Yes, you read it right! The idea is to not strip the moisture and natural oils from your hair. You can try ‘co washing’ meaning conditioner only or cleansing conditioner. But if you feel this is too far from your comfort zone, start by cleansing your less often and at a minimum use shampoos/cleansers that are Curly Girl recommended. Try Clever Curl Cleanser or EverEscents Organic Bergamot Shampoo 
  • Heat – No blow drying or straightening your luscious curls. We want to minimise damage to the cuticle and celebrate those curls. If you must use a hair dryer, the curly girl way is low heat while using a diffuser.
  • Combs/Brushes – Try scrunching your hair instead or even pin curls to boost your natural curly hotness.



Any products that contain the following

  • Fragrance
  • Non-water-soluble Silicones
  • Alcohol

Basically, you want to look for products that are promoting the Curly Girl Method…. To follow the Curly Girl method to a tee, the only products recommended would be conditioner and gel; but as the method has gained popularity and evolved there are now a variety of Curly Girl Approved styling products. These are for when you’re in desperate need to tame the frizz or define your curls.

 Some of our favourites are:



The Curly Girl book also gives recommendations on how to combat different levels of curl and porosity. Whether you have more of a wave or strong coil curls, the approach is generally the same with slight variances. It helps those with curls understand their hair and how to get the best out of rockin’ the natural curl.

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