Organic Certified Fusion Complex


The newest addition to the Pure Haircare family, Fusion Complex; brings them up with the next generation of bond cure technology.

Everyone has heard of products that help rebuild the broken bonds of chemically treated hair…. You’re probably already using a range that does just that. However, none of the predecessors combine the Pure Organic Certified complex with Bond Cure – a blend that treats the hair BOTH inside and out.

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Pure organic certified complex, combines the patented active repair ingredients with organic Ginger, Rosemary and Açai oils to protect, repair, soften and smooth your hair.

With stronger hair, your colourist is able to push the limits of your hair colour; allowing you to change it up as often as the Kardashians!

I’ve recently put the Fusion Complex range to the test…. And I LOVE it! The first thing that impressed me was the smell! It’s incredible! The fragrance is soft, feminine and makes me feel like a princess. And who doesn’t want to feel like a princess?!

Another thing I love about the range is their effort to have all the right ingredients without any of the nasties.


I used the Fusion Complex Shampoo, followed by the Fusion Complex Bond Repair Treatment (this one you rinse out, but there is also a leave in spray treatment for those days when you just don’t have time); I then finished with the Fusion Complex conditioner.

*Pro Tip – To get the best results from your treatments you should always follow with your conditioner!  


While the bond cure technology repaired my hair from the inside out, by reconnecting the broken disulphide bonds, I also felt the difference in softness and texture. When it came to drying my hair, it was quicker and nowhere near as frizzy as it was previous to the treatment.


To top it off the Pure range looks after both you and the environment. They are focused on making a conscious effort to reduce our impact on the land and sea by using Land Waste Plastic (L.W.P).


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