Finally, a haircare company listening...




I’m fairly certain everyone got the memo about the impact plastic is having on our environment.

Everywhere I look these days; whether it be online, tv or even my local café, I’m constantly reminded how detrimental single use plastic is. So, if you’re anything like me; you too have been making changes to your lifestyle to avoid contributing to the problem.


But one thing keeps bugging me: Is using my keep cup, wrapping my food in beeswax and opting to not use a straw really making that much of a difference? Especially when major manufacturing companies are continuing to opt for single use plastic on a massive scale.

Well I’ve discovered the popular Australian brand PURE are at the
forefront of being cleaner and greener.


The first and only haircare range in Australia to use 100% Land
Waste Plastic for the relaunch of their packaging.

PURE bottles contain 40% less plastic than previously used and the
plastic is food grade quality (this doesn’t mean you should use them as drink bottles when they’re finished, food grade means there is no transfer or leeching of the plastic into the product and vice versa) The bottles are simple but classy, coming in a variety of pastel colours with different blends depending on your specific hair care needs.


PURE have natural ingredients of natural origin and a combination of 100% certified organic ingredients called their ‘Pure Complex’. No animal testing and the PURE range is completely free of parabens, sulphates and all the nasties we have come to dislike in our shampoo (it’s even gluten free and vegan friendly).


My favourite product in the range would have to be the Miracle Renew Mask. It has a lovely smell that’s not too overpowering and infused with almond oil and shea butter making it great for damaged or compromised hair.

So, if you’re looking to take more steps in helping our beautiful planet and have gorgeous hair, then follow the link below for your PURE haircare.

Let’s hope more companies follow suit and find creative ways of being environmentally conscious.