Our guide to long lasting curls


Every time I curl my fine, thin and very long hair I always wonder why my hair doesn't hold the curl? I usually put it down to the length. The curl would get weighted down and eventually I'm back to my poker straight look. I started to try all the curling products on the market and all I ended up achieving was one successful curl that had been coated in hairspray from root to tip which could easily spark up in flames if I was too close to any fire. 



If you're anything like me you're a frequent hair curler who's always looking for hair Inspo on pinterest then wondering why you're hair doesn't look instagram worthy. Lately I've been fed up with my no hold curl, I want to have those long luscious locks that are bouncy and full, without my hair feeling like I've emptied a can of hairspray on it and being a walking fire hazard. 

I decided to do some research (googling for hours) and I found some easy tips and ticks that helped me to finally achieve better hold and an overall better curl. 


If you're as fed up as me with your no hold curl, here's some tips on how I changed my curl and how you can too. 

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