Get the scoop on what Kylie Jenner's hair stylist uses on her hair




Do you ever find yourself scrolling through Instagram or Facebook admiring an influencers hair? Or a celebrities? Like Kylie Jenner? Then you try to recreate the look yourself and it doesn’t hold, looks frizzy or isn’t what you thought it would look like? Well if you’re not someone like that good for you but unfortunately I’ve been struggling to style my hair the way I want it for years and only recently I cracked the code. I finally understand why I never achieve that perfect curl that lasts all night, thats bouncing yet effortless. It’s all about how your hair looks before you curl it and what tools you use. Here’s some tutorials and tips to help you the next time you curl your hair for that celebrity worthy finish. Ohh did I mention that Kylie Jenner’s stylist uses these hot tool on her hair? 


Step 1


If you have curly hair or frizzy hair straighten your hair before you curl! It sounds counterintuitive but making sure all your hair is sleeked out before you style it can help all your curls look the same and prevent making them look like they've been dragged through a bush. If you only have a few kinks here and there you don't need to worry too much but the sleeker it is the better the final result will look. 


Step 2 


Use a heat protectant before you fry your hair! It still shocks me that people don't use heat protectants, it's vital if you want your hair to keep it's healthy shine. Similar to going to the beach on a hot day, you know those UV rays will burn so you use sunscreen to stop your skin from frying this is what the heat protectant does to your hair. Protects your hair from frying.  


 Step 3


Start curling! You want the good stuff now right? Here's Kylie Jenner's hair tutorial using the Hot Tools Professionals curling wands



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Hot Tools 24k curl bar




About the Hot Tools Curl Bar


A uniquely shaped curling iron that is ergonomically designed for comfort and ease of use, making it simpler than ever to create your perfect long-lasting curls without strain on their wrist, shoulder and elbow. 


The 24k Gold styling surface heats evenly and creates well-defined, long-lasting curls. Pulse technology ensures that the Curl Bar gets hot quickly and stays hot while you style. 


The 25mm barrel size is perfect for creating looks ranging from tight, defined curls, to loose, beachy waves. The soft-touch handle and stay-cool tip provide additional control and maneuverability.


Also featuring a variable temperature control dial that ranges from 160° to 230°C. A timer with options from 0-10 seconds means you can hold each curl for precisely the same amount of time.


Other features of the Curl Bar include a 3m professional length cable with swivel, worldwide voltage, an automatic sleep mode after 60 minutes and a glowing light ring to indicate when the curling wand is ready to use.


Features of the wand


Curling wand with ergonomic design 


Reduces shoulder, wrist and elbow strain 


25mm barrel 


Creates tight or loose curls and waves 


24k Gold styling surface for even heat


Easily creates long-lasting curls 


Digital temperature control dial 


Temperature settings from 160° to 230°C 


Timer control from 0-10 seconds


"Gets Hot…Stays Hot" Pulse Technology - fast heat-up and instant heat recovery


Extra-long cool tip and thumb grip for easier and safer styling


3m professional length cable with swivel


60 minute automatic sleep mode


1 year manufacturer's warranty