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We found a holy grail product to add to your shelf

Salon Style

Posted on June 14 2019

If you're anything like me my hair is oily on the scalp and dry at the ends. I thought I'd never find a product that could balance out my dry ends with my oily scalp until I found one that did. If you haven't heard of Alfaparf then it's about time you do! In particular, the Alfaparf Precious Nature Thirsty Hair Mask. A thirst-quenching mask with a soft creamy-gel texture that smells divine.


My first impression of this product completely blew away my assumptions that it would just be another hair mask, but as soon as I opened the jar and smelt the floral scent, I was hooked. After using the product my hair was soft and nothing like the dry hair I had before, I could finally get a brush through my hair after washing it (which is rare) and It looked brighter than usual. 


After falling in love with the Alfaparf Precious Nature Thirsty Hair Mask I tried the shampoo and conditioner in their range and both failed to disappoint, they also have a range of products in the precious nature range suited to each hair type. Find out more here.


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