All in the Roots: How to Handle your Hair Regrowth


The idea of having epic hair regrowth can seem overwhelming, but there are solutions!

We've all been there: you want to try out a new color, so you do it at home. But then…it isn't quite right. And now the regrowth is coming through and it's not what you were going for.

There has been a lot of debate over whether or not you should colour your hair at home, and where that leaves both you and your hairdresser in the long term. The quality achieved by doing it yourself and the products they have used will never compete with what you would you obtain with a salon service. But we understand the need to feel and look great is real!

Don’t let these dire times call for desperate measures. Yes, the idea of having epic regrowth can seem overwhelming but there are solutions! And we are here to help you!

Disguise it

Using a temporary touch up root concealer like the L'Oreal Professionnel Hair Touch Up Root Concealer or Hi Lift Zero Grey Root Concealer, is a quick and simple solution to cover your regrowth for your next Zoom meeting.

As with all aerosol products, make sure you shake the can vigorously prior to use. This ensures the product and gas to propel the product out are adequately mixed.

Refresh it

If you're looking for a new way to regrow your hair, or just want to refresh it, the Davines Alchemic and Juuce Love should be on your must-have. Both products are made using natural ingredients so it won't be harsh on your hair but intensify your hair colour.

Style it

Remember the zigzag part of the 90’s?? Well, it may sound silly but a less dramatic version helps reduce the harshness of a straight line of regrowth.

Check out the video for a tutorial on how to hide your growing roots:

To flawlessly do the zigzag style, use the Denman Carbon Anti-Static Tail Comb to separate each layer. You can also just wear your hair down rather than pulled back. Putting your hair up can draw attention directly to the hairline and therefore making your regrowth more obvious.

Another styling trick is to curl your hair. Creating movement and volume at the roots will minimise the look of a straight line of regrowth down the part of straight hair.

Cover it

You can cover your regrowth instead. You can wear a hat or beanie—totally depends on the weather and where you are. You can also try a bandana or scarf to shake it up.

If you are a colour junkie that loves to make your hair fun and stand out in the crowd, then it's pretty understandable. Do you, girl! Regrowth from a hair dye is totally normal. You can do these quick and easy tips so that you can still spice things up until your next salon trip.