The Hottest new Ibiza brushes have landed!


If you’re anything like me, you’ll have a brush for everything. One for volume, one for smoothing, one for detangling… you get the gist! The latest and greatest brushes have finally reached us. I can’t even begin to tell you how incredible they are and I’m not the only one who thinks so!

Used and loved by international stylists Chris McMillan, Tracey Cunningham, Dom Seeley and Chris Appleton for their light weight and easy to handle performance, Ibiza hairbrushes will give you that sleek, shiny hair you've only ever dreamed of.

 What makes Ibiza brushes better from the rest?

Extensive research and development have resulted in a unique blend of boar and nylon bristles, combined with an ergonomic handle. Using only the finest materials - eco- friendly, flexible cork handle with heat resistant carbon fibre bristles from Spain that perform like no other!

Their “Gripslip technology” allows you to grip the hair effectively but also letting it slip through for the ultimate control while blow drying, achieving the ultimate finish on your hair.


Ibiza Hair EX3 55mm Extended Cork Handle

Ibiza Hair OC4 Oval Flat Brush Boar Bristle

Ibiza Hair CC3 50mm Ceramic Nylon Bristles

How do I get the best out of my Ibiza brush?

We asked Monique McMahon of Que colour and Academy in Sydney how she gets the most out of her blow dry’s with Ibiza brushes.

Here are her top 5 tips: 

  1. You should brush your hair and detangle your hair with a boar bristle brush like Ibiza OC4 before showering rather than using one in the shower when your hair is wet and more prone to breakage and damage.
  1. Waiting for your hair to be 80% dry, will half your blow drying time.
  1. We’re loving the B5 to create large voluminous curls for our brushed out blow dry. Blonde bristles deliver a little more shine than the black bristles, making it perfect for that glossy, healthy finish
  1. Caring for your Ibiza brushes should be a regular ritual. They work better clean! It keeps the cork functional and ergonomic to use. Soak your brushes once a week in luke warm soap water with a gentle shampoo. Remove hair and residue after each use.
  1. When brushing dry hair, use a brush that has natural bristles. I recommend Ibiza Hair brushes with their secret mix of boar bristles and heat resistant carbon-fibre bristles - these glide effortlessly through your hair. The natural bristles gently detangle and evenly distribute natural oils from roots to ends which protects the hair fibre from being damaged by pollution, air con, sunshine, styling products.

Ibiza Hair B2 35mm Blonde Boar Bristles

Ibiza Hair B7 70mm Blonde Boar Bristles

Aaron Johles, founder of Ibiza Hair also shared the following tip

“Keep your brushes at their best for longer by maintaining distance between blow dryer and brush. LA based stylist, Chris McMillan’s technique is to always keep the dryer a couple of centimetres from the brush, and to keep it - or your dryer - moving if it's a round brush, so it can spin and be used to polish the hair vs burning it. It takes some skill though, and is a lot easier with Ibiza vs other boar brands as we have our Grip Slip technology which prevents it from getting stuck in the hair like other round boar bristle brushes.”  

We are in love with the Ibiza brushes and once you get yours, you will be too!