Our 5 Favourite Bobs and how to style them!

The Bob is back... again. As with everything fashion, many trends tend to be recycled and hair is no different. Some coming around the block more often than others. We certainly don’t see THE MULLET or THE PERM quite as often as THE BOB. This is probably a good thing! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen some trendy mullets and some luscious perms; I’ve even seen a permed mullet! But nothing says class quite like a sleek, sophisticated bob. Over the years this hairstyle has been tweaked, twirled and fashioned in many ways. I love it’s versatility. The options are endless – long bob, short bob, fringe, no fringe, middle part, side part, just to name a few. It’s a timeless look that can be worn at any age and requires minimal effort to style.

The Long Bob

Great for nearly every face shape and can be styled with waves and texture or super sleek, side part, middle part, all depending on your vibe that day. We love Hayley Beibers styling with that slicked back feel. Create this using your straightener and slightly flicking the ends out, play around with your part go with what suits your face. Finish the look and create the shine with Paul Mitchell Firm Style Freeze & Shine Super Spray. Use this over the ear you want to slick back and to hold the part in place by lightly combing the hair in to place after you have sprayed.

 The Wavy Bob

Could we love Carrie Bickmore any more?! I adore this look on her! To recreate this wave at home, I use my hair straightener to make curls, directing them away from the face. Make sure you keep the direction of the curl the same as you curl each section, when you brush the curls out this is what creates the continuity in the wave. If you have finer hair, I like to finish with a root powder to give some extra volume. My favourite is Milk_Shake Lifestyling Powder Pop for that perfect mattifying texture.

The Classic Bob

One of my favourite all time looks. This is so timeless, classy yet super simple. I create this using a medium round brush and my ghd Helios Professional Hairdryer Ink Blue or my new Hot Tools Black Gold Volumiser One Step Blowout Small Barrel. Giving a slight curl inward toward the ends and stretching the midlengths for a smooth, sleek look. If needed, I sometimes use my straightener just on the top layer for extra smoothness. Finish and tame any frizzies with a light spray of NAK Fixation Finishing Spray and for extra shine Keune Care Satin Oil Treatment through the midlengths and ends. 

The Short Bob

Who remembers the iconic Victoria Beckham concave bob? I'm certain every hairdresser of that time had multiple clients requesting that cut and colour. Well fast forward 20 years and Kaley Cuoco brought it back with a bang! This bob is so much fun and great for those who don't have a lot of time to spend on their hair. A quick blast with the hairdryer at the back (no brush even needed), create a bit of volume at the roots on top and in the front using a small round brush. I then go through and straighten random pieces, but not all. This helps create variation and texture in the style. Finish with a blast of Pure Plumping Clay Spray for that undone look.

Image via Pinterest 

The Textured Bob

Creating shapes with this funky, sophisticated textured bob. Star hairdresser Damien Rinaldo created this look using L'Oreal Professionnel Tecni Art Siren Waves, working with the hairs natural movement. Natural curls enhance this look but can also be recreated if you're not blessed with bounce. After establishing a heavy side parting, use your small curling tong throughout your whole bob. Do not brush out, rather using your fingers to comb through and separate and define pieces. Finishing with KMS Hair Play Molding Paste for a moveable shape. 

 If you've been procrastinating on your next hair do, now is the time to embrace the change. It might be a subtle change for some or something more daring and adventurous for others, one thing I know is you'll love your Bob!!

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