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When it comes to culture and style, there’s no denying the influence of the 60’s. It brought us mini skirts and The Beatles, Barbie and turtlenecks.

It also brought us Redken. When American hairdresser, chemist and entrepreneur Jheri REDding met Hollywood actress Paula KENt, something pretty special was born.


Like professional models, actresses’ hair has to withstand quite a bit of attention - the good kind, and the bad kind. Science wasn’t what it is today. But Paula Kent (best known for Within These Walls and Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok) wanted hair products that were gentle yet high performing.

Paula believed in science. Jheri, her hairdresser, was a chemist. Together, they decided to push the envelope and get to the bottom of one simple (yet complex) question: What shapes the chemistry of healthy hair?

And so Redken 5th Avenue New York was born. 

If you fancy yourself a diva, or think a little Hollywood-inspired hair health sounds like your cup of tea, read on as we take you through some of Redken’s hero products for a variety of hair types and concerns! Whether you need a little extra volume, strength, softness or shine, there’s a science-backed Redken solution.

Strengthen your strands

If long hair is your goal, but breakage is your main setback, the Redken Extreme Length Shampoo saves you going to any extreme lengths… Formulated with its pH balanced Biotin complex, when used in collaboration with the Extreme Length Conditioner and Leave-In Treatment, you can reduce breakage by up to 81% (just to be really specific)! 

If you’ve been hitting the beach and swimming like a mermaid, leaning on your hair tools on the reg, or colouring your hair within an inch of it’s life, it may be beginning to take its toll.

When hair is seriously hitting the extreme of damage, the Redken Acidic Bonding Duo Pack is ready to serve. Ideal for all types of damaged hair, this intensive Redken formulation uses Citric Acid and pH balance to reduce breakage, smooth your strands and repair. Expect slower colour fade, intense conditioning and the ultimate in repair, backed by science.

Bring the volume

Let’s face it; flat hair is no fun for anyone. Genetics might be a biatch at times, but good products can make all the difference! The Redken Volume Injection Conditioner is the shine-ifying and bod-ifying boost you need. Using Redken’s own Bodifying complex uses folloxane and silicone polymers to activate root lift while smoothing out your strands for instant volume.

Soften the mane

It’s the end of summer, and you’ve been on the beach and in the direct sunlight a wee bit more than those cooler months… We’ve all been there. Redken know it. When it’s time to soften the blow that summer brings, the Redken All Soft Duo Pack awaits. Designed for normal to medium hair that’s a little bit drier and more brittle than the norm, Redken’s own RCT Protein Complex works with Soy protein, Arginine and more to seal strands, heal bonds and penetrate the hair’s fibre for smoother locks in no time.

After your Soft Duo regime, the All Soft Heavy Cream Super Treatment goes a step further to speeding up your results. Using Argan oil and Redken’s own Moisturising Factor, set aside just 5-15 minutes daily or weekly for an intensive hydration hit.

Finally, here’s one for your Hollywood moments. Let us introduce you to Redken’s highest hold hairspray. The Triple Take 32 Extreme High Hold Hairspray offers TWENTY-FOUR HOUR CONTROL. Truly! A superfine and quick drying mist scented with sandalwood and orange blossom brings volume, lift and that much-loved humidity protection for a style that’s going nowhere. 

From their HQ on 5th Avenue, New York City, Redken remains one of the original professional brands loved by hair stylists and their celebrity clients alike. Continuing to push the envelope on the chemistry of heathy hair, the brand enjoys ongoing global success, and remains the #1 Professional haircare brand in the US.

Shop the best of Redken’s Professional grade products online at Salon Style, the Australian online haircare destination. As always, feel free to jump in the chat if you need a little guidance! Our team are always ready and happy to help.

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