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The Philip Kingsley Origin Story

Philip Kingsley one of the very first celebrity stylists to make a name for themselves in Hollywood.

Born in 1936 in London, a start in his uncle’s East End salon sparked his interest in hair, and the psychological impact that good hair had on the salon’s clients. Unable to afford formal university education, Philip instead went to study to study at the Institute of Trichologists - the study of the hair and scalp.

Coining the term ‘bad hair day, Philip found his success in paying attention to the connection between hair and self-esteem, something we very much know to be true to this day! Hair health and nutrition were his focus, leading him to formulate the very first pre-shampoo conditioner named Elasticizer - for Audrey Hepburn, no less.

More recent clients include Cate Blanchett, Victoria Beckham and Sienna Miller. Leading the way in fusing science and beauty, Philip Kingsley paved the road to modern haircare with his award-winning formulations.

He went on to become a Fellow and Chairman of the Institute of Trichologists, opening clinics in both Mayfair and Manhattan that advise and treat hair loss and scalp issues.

Life changing hair is his life’s work, and his legacy can be seen across many of the brands we know and love today, most especially within his own incredible range.

The Philip Kingsley product range was built on the principles of Philip’s Trichology knowledge. Fusing science and psychology, their range of shampoos and conditioners, scalp care, treatments, trichotherapy and styling products are innovators and market leaders.

Let’s talk about texture

Rather than leading their approach with the concerns that might befall each client, Philip Kingsley focus first on identifying the natural texture of hair, be it fine or medium, coarse or naturally coiled.

Next, they identify any processing hair has undergone, such as colouring, heat styling, or time (aged hair). Finally, hair length is considered. These three factors will shape your regime.

Here are some of our favourites from the range!


The original, and the best. The Elasticizer is the hero product that shaped Philip Kingsley’s success. Designed with all hair types in mind, these are the products that celebrities swear by. If you swear by their opinions - or simple by science - put this one to the test.

Designed for use before Shampoo, apply to wet hair before washing for hair with body and ounce, elasticity and shine after your first 20 minute treatment! For best results, use at least once a week.

The Flaky Itchy Scalp Shampoo, Conditioner & Toner

Here’s a routine for sufferers of dandruff, oily scalp, Seborrhoeic Dermatitis, or males and teenagers with hormone-related scalp issues. Keep your scalp at bay with this tidy little three step routine, and a Shampoo that can be used everyday!

There’s also a great Scalp Mask.


This progressive little range was originally designed for the 1984 US Olympic Swim team! There’s no doubt chlorine and salt water wreak havoc on your locks, so Swimcap works to block them out. A water resistant formulation that stays put until shampooed, Swimcap is a deeply moisturising guard that protects from UV too with the natural goodness of Olive oil, Castor oil and Hydrolyzed Elastin.

This is also a saviour for blondes prone to a little green summer tinge, and a fabulous product for those on summer vacay by the pool or sea!

Bond Builder Split Ends treatment

If split ends are the bane of your existence and the cause of your bad hair days, the Bond Builder Split Ends Treatment is the science-backed answer to your woes. Beat breakage and reconnect damaged bonds with Philip Kingsley’s unique formulation. Untangling as it strengthens, enjoy smoother, softer and shinier hair that looks visibly thicker! The dream.

Body Building Shampoo & Conditioner

If fine hair has you feeling well and truly less than, this easy two-step system is ready to get to work. One of the best-sellers for a reason, the lightweight Shampoo and Conditioner use Keratin and Wheat proteins and Natural cellulose to work together over time to thicken the appearance of each of your wonderful strands from root to tip. Adding volume and weight, flyaways decrease and static is a no-go.

The Body Building range is ideal for those who find their hair gets greasy and often like to wash their hair everyday, as many fine-haired friends do!

There’s a lot to love and respect about the Philip Kingsley story and his wonderful range of super science-based products! Clinic inspired and produced in the UK, this British brand has well and truly done the miles to earn their place on our shelves.

Plus, all their bottles and tubes are made from 100% recyclable sugarcane bioplastic, so the planet wins too.

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