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Ibiza Hair: These hair tools are our secret weapon.

They might say a bad workman blames his tools, but we know that when it comes to haircare and styling, that simply isn’t the case!

We prefer this one: A good tool improves the way you work: A great tool improves the way you think. That was certainly the mentality for Ibiza Hair founder Aaron Johles, and his father Max Johles.

Today we have a wonderful story from the shores of Spain. It’s the 1950s. Max Johles begins selling haircare and hairbrushes door to door, quickly gaining a reputation in the best salons for high quality all natural products. Hair was big. Life was good.

After his death, Max’s strides in haircare and his passion lead Aaron to transition from his work as a licensed hair stylist to take up the family business.

On his mission to find the next great innovation in hair. He travelled around Spain and over to the hair shows of Italy and England, Japan, Hong Kong and Australia, and worked in some of the world’s most infamous salons, from Cush in Beverly Hills to Malibu’s McMillan Canal.

But one day, Aaron realised that the humble yet hardworking products he had inherited from his father were already world market leaders..!  And so began his mission to spread the word of Ibiza Hair.

All made in Spain or Italy, eco-friendly materials and GripSlip Technology are at the heart of every Ibiza Hair product. Ergonomic and resilient Mediterranean cork form strong yet flexible handles, while a secret blend of Spanish carbon fibre bristles and natural boar hair create bristles that grab yet slip. This means no breakage, pulling or ripping, or getting your hairbrush stuck in your hair! (We’ve all been there).

Working with his hair stylist wife Elena, the couple have expanded their range to include dryers, combs and more, while they continue to push the research and development of their hero product; their brushes.

Without further ado, here are some of our Ibiza Hair favourites!

Made for styling and unleashing your inner island goddess, the EX2 40mm Extended Cork Handle is a lightweight dream that’s oh-so easy to maneuver! Super light weight, it’s extra dense reinforced boar and carbon fibre heat-resistant bristles allow for precision high performance styling.

Whether you’re styling a fringe, working through your lengths or finishing your ends, the EX2 makes it a breeze.

If long locks, waves and volume are on the agenda, the B5 80mm Blonde Boar Bristles is ready to bring the shape and the shine. Its blonde boar bristles impart more shine than black bristles, making it great for colour treated and fine hair. Style long hair or sectons with ease!

Made for easy use on wet or dry hair, the Rose Scented Detangling Comb is your pain-free solution for healthy detangling. Made from graphite, its wide bristles make it great for brushing through conditioner in the shower, or for helping you to flat iron dry hair.

Antimicrobial in nature, these are a great tool to chuck in your bag on the move as you travel from the gym, to work, and to dinner.

Here’s one for the home stylists. The CC4 63mm Ceramic Nylon Bristles are made with carbon fibre nylon, ceramic barrel and Mediterranean cork handle, coming together to shape a ionic and heat-resistant brush that counters frizz and flyaways. You’ll love the way it glides through your hair so effortlessly!

This is the best water brush on the market. The Ibiza Hair Airwave Shower Brush was made to bring you ease before and after your shower, swim or spa. Glue free and anti-static, its vent brush and feather hair are super scalp friendly, bringing all those good tingles, while it’s heat resistant design means its a friend for your blow dry or iron routine.

When you jut need one good brush, the OC4 Oval Flat Brush Boar Bristle is here to serve. Made with Mahogany and Ibiza Hair’s signature cork handle, its reinforced bristler, rubber pneumatic pad and hair holes allow the brush to move easily through your hair without catching or pulling.

Great for stimulating the scalp and brushing shine back into your hair, this one brings the smooth to most hair textures.

Whether you’re a regular brusher with a diligent routine, a tool loyalist, a collector of various brush styles, someone who hasn’t ever thought too hard about the right tools for their hair, there’s an Ibiza Hair product (or three!) ready to bring results to your routine.

If you’re not sure which product is right for you, jump on the website and chat to our friendly team! With a vast range of Ibiza Hair brushes and combs available on the Salon Style website, we’re more than happy to help you narrow down your search!

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