Less shampooing, more canoodling? Yes please. Thanks to Dry Shampoo, that age-old excuse of “I have to stay in tonight and wash my hair!” has been made redundant.

Yet while we think of Dry Shampoo as a modern invention, it’s actually been on the market since the 40’s!

There are many reasons and uses for Dry Shampoo. Combined with modern science, it’s little wonder it’s taken hold of a generation, and literally changed the way we approach many of our haircare routines.

For thin hair that easily gets greasy and suffers when washed too often, Dry Shampoo offers hair some respite, soaking up oil and lifting hair at the root to return volume and texture.

For those who work out regularly and/or with intensity, or work outdoors or in kitchens, Dry Shampoo soaks up grease and grime like nothing else. For the time poor, Dry Shampoo gives you back your time.

Of course, in the wide word of Dry Shampoo, it’s not all sunshine and fresh Shampoo energy. That’s because not all Dry Shampoos are created equal. But for the most part, they’re no longer chalky and crunchy either. Some formulations are now clear, meaning zero chance for your hair to take on a powdery sheen. Some of them even smell incredible!

Our hitlist of the best dry shampoo products on the market covers all your hair concerns, from those flaky, itchy scalp woes, to the simple matter of getting one more day out of your hairstyle.

So no more excuses to keep you at home - save time and get back out into the world with these Dry Shampoo heroes. You are now entering a chalk-free zone!

Nak’s take refreshes and revitalises alll hair types. Their Dry Clean Shampoo uses Apricot Kernel oil, Kaolin powder and Oat starch to soften your hair, absorb oil and increase the time between your blow dries.

Please oh please, just one more day! The Philip Kingsley One More day Refreshing Dry Shampoo is a lightweight formula that uses Zinc PCA to prevent flakes and regulate your sebum production. With ani-irritant and scalp-soothing qualities, and Asian rice to absorb oil while providing texture and volume, all hair types can enjoy fresher, fuller hair in just ten seconds.

If your scalp is a little more problematic, the Philip Kingsley Flaky Itchy Scalp Soothing Dry Shampoo is their fabulous soothing alternative, working at once target the root cause of dandruff and absorb excess oil in the process.

Here’s one for the environmentally-conscious shoppers. The KMS Conscious Style Cleansing Mist proudly boasts that 96.8% of its ingredients are of natural origin, while its also 98% biodegradable! Powered by Clay, Moringa Seed oil and Oat oil, it’s free from sulphates and silicones, mineral oils and animal derived ingredients. Neutralising smells and without that powdery residue, she’s a goodie for all!

Dirty deeds done dirt affordable! Juuce is bringing value and verified results with the Juuce Dirty Deeds Dry Shampoo. Beautifully fragranced and requiring just two minutes to work its magic, enjoy its light formulation and effective results.

Australia’s Pump Haircare uses Vitamin B5 and Chia seeds to tidy up those roots in minutes. The Pump Haircare Refresh Dry Shampoo promises soft rather than dry or crunchy locks, with an amazing scent keeping the good vibes rolling.

We love the idea of Dry Shampoo as a way to recharge. The Biolage Waterless Clean & Recharge Dry Shampoo is all you need to clean and freshen. This spray is super lightweight, yet the results carry weight in our customer’s eyes. Using the Ginger flower, your scalp will enjoy a little refreshing zing!

Finally, no hair list would be complete without a little Muk. Their Head Dry Shampoo combats limp and greasy locks with a few liberal sprays and a quick blast with your brush or blow dryer. Scented with Green apple, it’s a delectable solution for instant refresh and results to carry you through another day.

Our Top Tip: Let it soak in for a little longer than the prescribed time before massaging it in for maximum bang - the time outlined in the directions should be the minimum time.

Pick your hair concern and explore the best of our Dry Shampoo solutions at Salon Style! With same day dispatch, we might even have you your order with you before your next Shampoo is due…

Zoe Evans

She knows what works, and that's what she loves. She is a hair and beauty ̶a̶d̶d̶i̶c̶t̶ enthusiast. She researches this stuff for fun on a Saturday night.