Follow These Four Skincare Tips For Smoother Hands


Hands down these are easy to follow, too!

I was so excited to receive my stunning bespoke ring and show it off. That was until I looked at my dry hands and chipped nail polish. Cue: a sad face. I couldn’t believe I’d let my hands go without even realising. In my defence, with all the extra hand washing and hand sanitiser, it’s not surprising that my poor hands are feeling it.

What does every girl do? I jumped into action and rather than just a standard manicure, I wanted to go a little luxurious and do a ‘facial’ on my hands! I used all the same process as though I was doing my usual face treatment. If you have hand specific products I obviously recommend using them but if not, I used products I’d normally use on my face!

Start with cleansing your hands

The first thing I did was I gave my hands a gentle cleanse with the very soothing Davroe Bliss Body & Face Cleansing Gel. Giving your digits a wash even with gentle soap can rid of bacteria. I didn’t want to transfer dirt or impurities on my face as I’m a huge face toucher. The motions I did with my hands also promote circulation. And while I was at it, I cleaned my under nails, too.

Exfoliate at least once a week

I had a stash of ECOCOCO Coconut Lavender Body Scrub with me so I decided to use it to exfoliate my hands. I absolutely adore this body scrub as it’s also soothing. As you exfoliate, you’re removing the dead skin on the top layer of your hand. I concentrated on areas that looked particularly dry. 

Don’t forget to moisturise regularly

Just like your face, apply moisturiser to your hand every day. Just like washing your hands, you need to add a hydrating product especially when you tend to use hand sanitiser. For my hand cream, I use the aspect Hand and Body Cream to keep it nourished. It has shea butter to soften and smoothen hand texture and a natural emollient blend that combines sunflower seed, ylang-ylang, and sea buckthorn oil to deliver intense hydration to my hands.

Protect your hands with some SPF

And to top it off, don’t forget your good ol’ sunscreen. Your hands need some SPF just as the rest of your body. I used a We Are Feel Good Inc. Coconut Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50+ to keep my hands (and my body) fully protected from UV rays and harsh and harmful effects of the sun.

Have free time? Add nail polish

And just so I could admire the ring on my finger, even more, I decided to go for a nail polish. Since I don’t want my nails to chip right away, I’ve discovered the solution to my nail polish woes—OPI Infinite Shine Polish!

It has a three-step system to ensure that my polish sticks! I start with the OPI Pro Stay Primer to prep the nail bed by adding two coats. I followed it with the OPI Pro Stay Gloss. It has the durability of a gel-like polish without the LED and the commitment to remove it. 

This system will have your nails looking like a pro did them for up to 11 days! It sets with natural light, so take your coffee (or wine) outside and get painting!