You Need To Try These Tips To Get Your Most Luscious Lips Ever


Getting the perfect pout starts with taking care of your lips one step at a time

In case you didn't know, the skin on your lips is far different than the rest of your body. It's thinner and delicate that it requires a different approach to taking care and maintaining it.

Here are some helpful tips to get started with your lip care routine:

No more licking and touching your lips

Rule number 1 of lip care starts with this very basic step. While this is super tempting to do all the freaking time, your lips don't have a protective barrier. Also, your lips don't have any sebaceous glands. And their only source of moisture is your saliva. 

However, as saliva evaporates quickly, it then becomes a contributing factor to drying your lips out! This is why it’s so important to protect your lips and use the right products to get the best pout ever!

If your a habitual lip licker, use a moisturising treatment to improve its overall texture and moisture. Try the Dermalogica Renewal Lip Complex and We Are Feel Good Inc. Paw Paw Nectar to smoothen rough and uneven lips and increase hydration on your pucker. 

Don't forget to apply sunscreen

Our lips don’t have melanin and our natural skin's defence against ultraviolet rays. This means that they are more susceptible to sunburn.

Get your pecker some SPF to protect it from the sun's harmful rays with the We Are Feel Good Inc.'s Cocoa Lip Balm SPF 50. It doubles as a sunscreen while nourishing and moisturising your lips.

During the winter months, use a humidifier in your room

In the winter season, we are often in environments with artificial heating that draw the moisture out of the air as well as our skin. Using a humidifier in your house or room will help replenish the moisture in the air and not be so detrimental to your skin and lips.

A balanced diet for a healthy pucker

As your lips are also part of your skin, ensuring that you maintain a healthy and balanced diet will reflect on it. Through proper vitamin intake, you also improve its condition.

It's also important that you stay hydrated! Quit your lip licking habit into a water drinking habit. Add a natural way to moisturise your smacker. 

Treat your lips every now and then

We often set the time aside to give ourselves a little at-home facial. But how much attention do you give your lips? 

A few things you can do is to massage your mouth to improve blood circulation. You can do this at least 5 minutes per day. After a massage, you can scrub and exfoliate your lips with an exfoliator and then finishing with a night lip treatment like the Dermalogica Nightly Lip Treatment.

Your kissable lips will thank you with all the extra attention you’re giving them!