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Everyone wants a gorgeous and moisturised hair. To achieve your #hairgoals, you pave it with maintaining and being in tune to its health. Conditioners are part of that equation. It’s always the next step after slathering a complementing shampoo. Also, conditioners are part of the package of a hair routine that works on keeping your hair manageable and nourished. Aside from its more-known feature, it also enhances the feel and looks of your tresses

In recent years, formulas and technologies for hair conditioning have evolved. A wide range of conditioners are now developed with improved formulas and new tech suited for different hair needs. True enough, we've seen a variety of these conditioners used as a leave-in, rinse out and for deep conditioning.

All-Around Conditioners

Keune Care Vital Nutrition Conditioner

Lifeless hair is a thing of the past with Keune Care Vital Nutrition Conditioner. It revitalises stressed strands all thanks to its rich formula of provitamin B5 and shea butter. This cruelty-free conditioner delivers moisture after moisture to dull hair and adds a beautiful shine as its finish.

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The moisturising agent is built with Nutri-Injection Technology to deliver the much-needed moisture straight to your innermost hair structure. Moreover, it's a good all-around conditioner for all hair types to re-energise those tresses and protects your crown from sun damage and harmful UV rays.

Davines OI Absolute Beautifying Conditioner

Belonging to a raved line from Davines, the OI Absolute Beautifying Conditioner is of a rich buttery texture that will leave your crowning glory remarkably soft, shiny and full-bodied. First, the payoff feels like an automatic beauty filter for hair but in real life which is true to Davines mantra. Second, the Roucou oil infused with the conditioner creates a shiny and soft effect on your tresses.

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To shield your hair from harmful UV rays, this Davines conditioner is also developed with antioxidant protection. Continuous usage speeds up your hair's drying process. This results in a shiny, healthy, and moisturised mane protected from heat styling tools like blow dryers, curling irons and straighteners. 

For Damaged Hair

Milk_Shake Integrity Nourishing Conditioner 

Built for all hair types and preserving the integrity of your hair colour at the same time, the Milk_Shake Integrity Nourishing Conditioner is a must-try and must-have for those who want to tame their hair, especially for those who have mid-length to long hair. Also, as a paraben-free conditioner, it can reconstruct, repair and nurture damaged hair.

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Its formula highlights two key ingredients to maintain a balanced, healthy and shiny mane. Milk_Shake features organic Muru Muru butter into this fruity and milky conditioner. In fact, it is rich in fatty acids that contains a nourishing, soothing, and moisturising effect. Definitely a great add-on for your hair and scalp as well. Additionally, the Vitamin A infused in this conditioner does work wonders to keep your hair nourished.

Olaplex No. 5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner 250ml

Are you experiencing hair breakage, split ends and frizz? Highly moisturising and reparative, the Olaplex No.5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner leaves hair manageable, shinier, and healthier without dragging your hair. Specifically, its Olaplex Bond Building Technology™ formula works to strengthen and smoothen hair battered by UV rays, heat, and harsh chemicals.

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It’s suitable for all hair types and hair textures. As a matter of fact, it works seamlessly with Olaplex’s Total Hair Care System to get that #hairgoals and free your hair from damage.

For Dry & Brittle Hair

GK Hair Moisturising Conditioner

Good hair is always moisturised! The GK Hair Moisturising Conditioner has a deep-moisture complex that works in two ways. Firstly, it provides natural moisture and strengthens your hair by protecting it from damage like frizz and brittleness. It’s formulated for dry to normal hair in mind.

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Second, it has colour protection, too! The GK Hair Taming Procedure is perfect to add in your shower arsenal. So, continuous usage will prolong the duration of your hair colour. It won't even weigh your locks down.

Also, it’s packed with natural hydrating ingredients such as Juvexin, natural seed oils, natural plant extracts, and natural grain extracts to make sure that your hair is moisturised as promised. In addition, GK is formulated with no sulfates, parabens, gluten, phthalates, DEA and TEA.

Biolage HydraSource Detangling Solution

Is it even aloe if it doesn’t hydrate or moisturise you? If your hair is thirsty (a.k.a. dry) and frizzy, then you bet Biolage HydraSource Detangling Solution is the conditioner for the job. Not only will the HydraSource prevent frizz and flyaways but it will also be less prone to damage. It’s a great detangling conditioner! Hence, hair will be more manageable and get that much-coveted shine.

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This aloe-hydrating conditioner is also lightweight. It’s definitely ideal for everyday use as it won't weigh your hair down. And, this conditioner is also paraben-free, it is a-ok to use for colour-treated hair.

Redken All Soft Conditioner

Fighting dry hair and finding the right product to combat it is what the Redken All Soft Conditioner is all about. There’s a reason why it’s the number one go-to conditioner for dry hair. It’s an instant detangler and replenishes moisture to bring dry hair back to life. 

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The All Soft Conditioner has Argan Oil as the main feature of this mane detangler. In addition, it is also formulated with RCT Protein Complex. This smart multi-targeted delivery system with 3 proteins go to where your hair needs it most. The key proteins like soy protein, arginine, and sepicap help amp up the formula for moisturised and healthy-looking hair.

For Neutralising and No-Brass 

Goldwell DualSenses Blondes & Highlights Anti-Yellow Conditioner

Upkeep for blonde or bleached hair can really put someone up to the task of making sure that it doesn’t turn brassy or yellowish. It can happen but you can prevent unwanted yellow tones with the Goldwell DualSenses Blondes & Highlights Anti-Yellow Conditioner. It has a three-part formula that helps maintain superb colour brilliance.

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What is this three-part Goldwell formula? First, it has MicroPROtec Complex is a Goldwell tech that distributes essential care ingredients quickly. Second, it evenly and effectively protects it from colour fade-out or FadeStopFormula. This means you don't need to worry about your hair having yellow or brass hues. Finally, the DualSenses conditioner is formulated with the new Luminescine technology. This tech transforms non-visible UV light into visible light for a magnificent brilliance.

You’ll definitely get that in-home salon experience with this neutralising purple conditioner with instant visible and touchable results.

For Wavy & Curly Hair

Clever Curl Rich Conditioner

Rehydrating coarse and thirsty hair is a mission that Clever Curl Rich Conditioner wants to tackle with gusto. You can use it in three ways: a co-wash, deep conditioning and as a leave-in. As a matter of fact, the Aussie brand is dedicated in developing vegan products for colour-treated hair for all the curly-haired girls out there. 

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Our crowning glory always needs moisture to keep up with its health. They are more than just smoothing-slash-lathering agents. Looking for a conditioner that suits your hair type and needs is a whole “different strokes for different folks” type of situation. We all know the benefits. It provides shine, detangles, tames, smoothens, reduces damage and improves manageability.

Your hair goals are always within reach! Indeed, nothing hurts with a little trial and error to achieve your hair goals.

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