8 At-Home Spa Treats To Give Your Mum The Best Mother’s Day Experience


There are a hundred ways to show how much we love our mums. Mother’s Day is just that day where we can be extra appreciative of the time and effort our mums give us at any time of the day. One of the best ways to show gratitude to a super mum is to personalise your gift. 

What's great about customising your Mother's Day treat is that there's no need to scramble for elaborate gifts. Most importantly, you will still make her feel extra special even when you're celebrating at home. Have an ultimate bonding escapade with mum in the form of an at-home spa experience.

Here are eight treats we can give our mums the best at-home Mother’s Day spa experience:

Set the mood with Glasshouse Fragrances LOST IN AMALFI Candle

Take mum to any exotic destination without leaving home. If there's anything that could instantly do that, it's a scented candle. Jetset to anywhere in the world with Glasshouse Fragrances. In addition, scented candles are an instant pickmeupper.

Lost in Amalfi is a great opener for those who want a wisp of the Italian coast. It opens with top notes of freesia, thyme, and tarragon that will instantly relax your senses. The top notes compliment the middle notes of lavender and moss that will remind you of the sun and salty waters of the Salerno Gulf.

A hair spa with Keune Care Satin Oil

First step: Let your mum’s hair sparkle like no other. And as she is the star of the day, she should look like a shining star! Let her hair glow even brighter with Keune Care Satin Oil to nourish and treat dull and dry hair. Work and stress may have taken the lustre out of her tresses. 

A long bath with Davines OI Body Wash

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Got a tub? You can make a nice and warm bubble bath with body wash. Get those suds working with ½ cup of Davines OI Body Wash and add it to ½ cup of warm water. Add it to a bath you’ve drawn and watch those bubbles multiply for the perfect relaxing dip. Also, you can add one egg to the mix to make a bubblier bath. Fun fact: Eggs have skin benefits, too, like providing hydration and elasticity to the skin.

If you don’t have a tub, you can get yourself a basin, and warm water and add a bit of the body wash onto the mixture. Voila! You have yourself a foot spa.

Exfoliate with Aspect Fruit Enzyme Mask 

After immersing in the warm steam of a long bath or a warm shower, exfoliating is your next step to do with mum using Aspect Fruit Enzyme Mask. Using only natural fruit and plant extracts, the exfoliating mask can lift dead skin cells and impurities to reveal smoother and brighter skin. 

In addition, the mask is also hydrating, calming, and protects you from free radical damage. No irritations and redness. Just plump and bright skin.

Revive those peepers with Comfort Zone Sublime Skin Eye Patch

Those sleepless nights or work-related stress can take a toll on our mum’s appearance. And one of the first visible signs of this is seen through their eyes. The Comfort Zone Sublime Skin Eye Patch is formulated with peptides and 97.3% natural-origin ingredients packed in a hydrogel mask formula. It gives immediate relief to your eye area and visibly corrects any signs of fatigue and puffiness.

Pamper nails with OPI Infinite Shine Samoan Sand 

Nothing says bonding time than doing each other’s nails! Catch up with mum while applying a coat of OPI Infinite Shine. First thing’s first, you have to prep your nails with a cuticle remover cream, buff them, trim, and finally, file them.

Of course, you can get any OPI nail polish that you think suits your ma. You can get it in their favourite colour or try something new.

Moisturise with ECOCOCO Coconut & Lime Body Butter

All that pampering needs to be sealed with a moisturiser. Enriched with shea butter and sunflower seed oil, the ECOCOCO Coconut & Lime Body Butter will leave your mum’s skin fully hydrated and moisturised. Its moisturising formula dives deep into the skin’s layers to reveal radiant skin.

The coconut and lime scent combination can relax the senses. Definitely, this body butter is one to make you feel like you’ve been sunkissed and ready to fall asleep as if they’ve travelled to the tropics.

Sleep in with VANI-T Bed Head Beauty Pillowcase

A well-deserved sleep—that’s what mum needs after indulging in a spa treatment you’ve just given her. Wrap up the night by having her sleep in with the VANI-T Bed Head Beauty Pillowcase. The silk pillow has its health benefits, too. The glossy finish of the pillowcase is gentle on the skin and can prevent wrinkles and puffiness. 

Additionally, it’s also great for the hair. Mum will definitely wake up with no bad hair days. No frizz. No knots. Only smooth and silky hair.