What skincare to avoid and when


The potency and effectiveness of today’s home skincare products are improving dramatically, with advances in technology and the understanding of new ingredients and their benefits. This is great, except for when it’s not!

When you are trying new products or if something in your lifestyle has changed, always be sure to read the labels and warnings. When in doubt, ask you GP or skincare professional for advice. 

When should I avoid certain products?

Most people who are prone to sensitive skin or allergies will tend to be more vigilant with what they put on the skin. Other times you should be cautious and if needed, ask for advice from your healthcare professional include:

  • Pregnancy

Some active ingredients in skincare should not be used when you are pregnant or breastfeeding as they can be passed through to your baby.

  • Prescription Medications

Unfortunately, those who need prescription medications for their skin, such as Isotretinoin (popularly known as Accutane) or Retin A (tretinoin), need to be aware of what products are suitable to use to avoid any reactions. These medications are from the retinoid family, derived from Vitamin A.

  • Retinol

Retinol, also a form of Vitamin A, can be an incredible product to help combat the signs of ageing but should be slowly introduced to your regime to avoid any reactions. Retinol should not be used if you are already taking prescription medication for your skin. Those with sensitive skin or suffer from Rosacea should avoid using Retinol without seeking professional advice first.


*DON’T FORGET YOUR SPF! All forms of Retinol, whether prescription or used topically, can make your skin super sensitive to burning from the sun. ALWAYS use SPF, even on those cloudy days!

No matter what skincare brand or regime you choose to embark on, it’s important to read the label for ingredients and directions of use.