VitaFive CPR CONTROL plus+ Ionic Pro Styler


The best thing since sliced bread 

2 in 1 Curling Iron and Straightener!

So excited getting my hands on a CPR – Ionic Pro Styler. Now I can declutter my bathroom and have the one magic styling iron! The CPR Ionic Pro Styler is both a straightening iron and curling iron in one.

The ceramic + tourmaline plates have a 360° heat consistency allowing you to roll your hair around them like you would a curling iron but also open like a normal hair straightener would too!

The LED display on the CPR – Ionic Pro Styler makes it easy to adjust the electronic heat control from 110° (for super fine hair, working on fringes or baby hairs around the hairline) to 230° (for coarser hair and strong hair that is more difficult to style)

Before going at my hair with any kind of styling tool, I like to use VitaFive CPR Frizz Phase 1 Creme to protect my hair and assist in styling my frizz.

I found the swivel cord super handy when navigating my tiny bathroom with the ability for it to rotate 360° and super long at 3m. I also didn’t stress when I was driving to work thinking I’d perhaps left it on, due to the hibernation mode which is an auto switch-off after 60 minutes.

I loved using this pro styler and made sure I gave my hair added protection with VitaFive CPR Heat Defence Thermal Protection spray prior to styling.