Trending winter hairstyles you'll love 


Winter is well and truly here, and instead of giving you a long lengthy blog to read, we thought you might enjoy looking at some trending winter hairstyles that keep your head warm and your hairstyle relevant.

The Low, Bohemian Bun

If you have medium length hair and if you want something that looks put together with not much effort, this is your go-to trend!

Dutch Braids with a Twist 

One of the biggest hair trends in 2018, this is a perfect style for thick hair.

The Bennie Braid

If you have hair that is overdue to be washed, this hairstyle is a great way you can keep your hair looking fresh, warm and in trend.

Tie back

Fed up of taking one step out of your house and the wind blowing your fringe in every direction possible? Well, try pinning it back with a slight twist, to achieve this easy look.

The Chop

If you've been thinking about chopping all your hair off, now is the time! Even though your head might get a bit cold, it might be worth it if you live in a very windy place.