Pureology, the brand that’s scientifically proven to repair your hair



This is a brand that is one to follow. Pureology is becoming exceedingly popular with Australian hair lovers, with global interest from bloggers, YouTubers and hair experts.

Originating from California in 2001, Pureology began with a simple idea, which was to create the best products for coloured hair with no harsh chemicals. If you haven’t heard about Pureology they are one of the leading hair care brands that produce 100% vegan-friendly formulas. Not only do Pureology create products that are cruelty-free, but they constantly support various organisations/charities related to women’s health.

We've gathered below, some of Pureology's most important facts that you need to know about the brand!

Colour-Treated Hair Needs Extra Love

From the moment hair is exposed to colour, it changes. It becomes more vulnerable to damage, its natural shine begins to dull and it takes on a rougher, drier texture. Each of these factors also affects hair’s ability to retain colour vibrancy... and Pureology is here to protect and help restore what colour-treated hair needs most!

Sulfates Are A Big Zero In Our Book

Our concentrated ZeroSulfate® shampoos use a blend of corn, coconut and sugar to gently cleanse without stripping colour. 

Plus, A Little Goes A Long Way

Since our formulas are so concentrated you only need to use a quarter-size amount! That means 70+ shampoos from one bottle – so much to love!

We Have A Complex About Fading

Our exclusive AntiFade Complex® contains antioxidants and full spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreens to protect colour vibrancy unlike anything else.

We Were Vegan Even Before It Was Cool

Our 100% vegan formulas are made with sustainably-sourced natural plant extracts and without animal products or by-products.

We’re All About Multi-Tasking

Our dual benefit formulas not only provide colour protection, they’re formulated to provide whatever else the hair needs—moisture, volume, strength, smoothness—for customized care without sacrifice