Top trending hairstyles for 2019


Trend alert! 


We’ve given you summer hairstyles, 2018’s most loved hairstyles… but we haven’t told you about what 2019 hair trends are coming? Geez shame on us, but luckily 2019 has only just arrived! 

We’ve looked into what celebrity hairstylists love right now and what they think 2019 hair will have in store for us. 

No.1 Waves


This is a trend that is timeless. Classic and effortless. This one is perfect for anyone with straight long hair who want to add a little bit more texture to their locks.


No. 2 The scarf


Coming in all different sizes and textures a simple scarf can make three-day old hair look fresh and put together.   

No. 3 Keep it colourful


For all the ladies who love to colour their hair this one for you! Simple colourful toners give hair a more fuller and head turning look. 


No. 4 The short bob


Slick it back and cut it off! 2019 is the year we have easy effortless hairstyles and cutting all your hair off is the best way to keep your hair looking sharp at all times without any effort.

No. 5 Tie it up  


Whether you have short long or medium length hair, tieing your hair back and showing off the nape of your neck is a trend that 2019 will see and love.