Braids you can re-create


Autumn is just around the corner, which means so is wedding season! Whether you’re in year 12, going to the races or have a formal event around the corner we’ve got the best hair styles for you. Braids have been on trend since the start of 2018, they make your hair look well put together without using any heat or too much styling products.

If you’re a lazy person with your hair try not to be too scared of trying out a braid up-do. We’ve found some of the best tutorials out there to help you achieve that formal well put together braid look without too much effort.

No. 1 Three Easy Braided Hairstyles  

If you want a variety of choices then this is the video for you! Braids don't need to be only an up-do style, sometimes letting the hair down will add an effortless finish to your look. 


No. 2 How to: Pull through braid

Can I get a hell yeah from my lazy girls? This one might be my favourite just because I personally found it the easiest style to recreate, so if your as lazy with your hair as I am then you'll need to watch this one. 

No. 2 Braided up-do

Going to a wedding? or have a formal event coming up? are you more DIY than having someone do it for you? Then this is for you! The slightly more complicated braided up-do is here to impress! So get ready to impress your friends with this braided look.



No. 3 Lace braid homecoming up-do 


Personally, I prefer loosely braided hairstyles over tight ones. Having a few strands of hair left out of your braided bun helps the hair look effortless and elegant. If you're after a more laid back style then this is the perfect tutorial for you!