Top 10 youtubers to follow for haircare


Youtube is the most popular video platform for tutorials on beauty and hair care. However, not many people watch youtube but we advise you to start watching! Especially if you are interested in hair and beauty. Below is a list of our FAVOURITE hair care and beauty Youtubers. Each one of them is unique in their own way and we recommend watching a video from each youtuber to find what one you prefer! Our list is in order, 1 being our ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE! 

 No. 10 Imogen Fox . Foxy Locks

If you wear hair extensions check out this upcoming Youtuber! She has a wide variety of hairstyle videos and is perfect if you are just starting out and want to learn how to create more complex hairstyles.

No. 9  Maria Bethany

Fine hair ladies? Then Maria is for you! Maria creates hairstyles that aim to thicken and bring out volume for thin and fine hair. Her sweet nature will have you hooked from the start! She is up and coming, so show her support and subscribe to her channel.

No. 8  Kandee Johnson

EVERYONE on youtube knows who this fantastic hair and beauty guru is! So you should too. If you're looking for bright, colourful, fun-loving styles and beauty tip! Kandee is your woman! 

No. 7 Jordan Li

Casual and classy. Jordan is another upcoming YouTuber, who perfects quick and easy hairstyles! If you don't have much time but want to know how to look put together on those busy days, have a look at her videos! You won't be disappointed. 

No. 6 Lauren Curtis

GURU ALERT! Lauren is one of Youtube's first beauty Gurus, and her videos get better and better over time! Not only into keeping her hair healthy, she is a self-taught expert and her advice on beauty is top notch. YOU NEED TO CHECK THIS ONE OUT!

No. 5  Chloe Morello 

Chloe is another Youtuber that has been around for years! She only has a small selection of hairstyle videos, but this is a woman who's videos are quality over quantity! Chloe admits she is 'crap' at doing her hair, so she creates hairstyles that are easy and perfect for people who find it hard to style their hair!

 No. 4  Jordan Bone

Another blonde beauty! Jordan always strives for perfect hair! If you are blonde and you want to maintain your hair, this is the Youtuber for you. Jordans other videos are fantastic for beauty and her Q&A videos are great if you want to get to know her more.

No. 3  Nadine Baggott

EXPERIENCE AND EXPERTISE. Nadine has years of experience with skincare and hair care. Not only does she upload fantastic educational videos but she also makes every video a worthwhile watch with her relaxed and humble personality.

 No. 2  Elanna Pecherle

The GODDESS or otherwise known as Elanna has a variety of video content ranging from hairstyles, makeup and skincare. Elanna creates timeless and elegant videos which are perfect if you want someone to follow for event makeup.

No. 1 Elle Bangs 


Elle bangs is a qualified hair stylist, who loves to give her subscribers quality content about hair colours, styles, cuts, maintenance. She not only uploads hairstyle tutorials but Elle goes above and beyond to give the best hair advice on Youtube. She is a hard working, knowlegable Youtuber who will hopefully be around for the long term. If you struggle with finding hair colour or style to suit your face shape. Check out her video below, and don't forget to subscribe!