A-Z of Beauty Vitamins

Vitamins are essential for health, both internally and externally. When we lack certain vitamins, our bodies react badly and our skin takes a toll. Trying to navigate in the supplement aisle about what supplement is best for your skin, hair and nails is a struggle. We tapped into our knowledge and we have come up with a quick and easy list to help you understand what each vitamin does. Just a quick note before you read onwards, we are not qualified, doctors or nutritionists. So, try consulting with them first before you try any of these. 

Hair, Skin and Nails
Biotin: The best vitamin to take for healthy hair growth
Zinc: To prevent losing hair colour and elasticity
Vitamin D: Opens hair follicles, to promote hair growth
Vitamin E: Improves hairs shine and elasticity
Niacin: Increases blood circulation, to stimulate hair growth 
Magnesium: Improves hair strength
Iron: Encourages hair growth
Here are some extra vitamins to look into, if you need help with beauty sleep or daily energy:
Energy boosting vitamins:
Active B12
Folic acid 
Vitamins to help your memory: 
Omega 3
Vitamin A
To help your beauty sleep: 
Vitamin B3
Vitamin D