This Fragrance Brand Lets You Travel The World Without Leaving Home One Scent At A Time


Evocative and ignites memories—fragrances tickle the senses and can transport you to places unimagined. It is diverse and yet so personal. It can provide ambience at home, relieve wonderful memories or act as a picker-upper. Scents can also be complex or simple. It's the chemistry and fragrance notes that unravel to find the scent profile that speaks to you. It’s layered with top, middle, and base notes.  

Glasshouse Fragrances offer a variety of scent profiles for the adventurer in you. The Aussie brand offers an array of candles, perfumes, lotions, body wash and gel, and home scents for your personal needs. Its scent lineup is daringly potent with a mission to light up your senses. Like literally—these scents take you on a scent adventure like never before!

Travel the world through scent

Triple-scented and made out of cruelty-free and vegan soy wax, Glasshouse Fragrances candles are hand poured and crafted to perfection for every Australian home. The triple scent formula refers to the high dosage of fine fragrance blended in the soy wax. The candle line’s cotton wick also offers a clean burn. Its wick is trimmed to the perfect length of 7mm for a controlled flame, optimal burn time and a steady burn.

Glasshouse Fragrances aptly named their scents after sought-after places around the world. Think of your tropical bucket list. Imagine the scent of coconuts by the beach or the floral aroma of a European garden making its way to you. You can explore them through scents even if you’re just at home alone or hanging out with your bestie. Popular scent destinations include Sunsets in Capri, Montego Bay Rhythm, A Tahaa Affair, and Bora Bora Bungalow.

If burning a candle isn’t your thing, a diffuser can also create a tropical or European ambience that you’ve been dreaming of. The Glasshouse Fragrances diffusers come in two variations to spruce up your home, the traditional glass bottle and a bespoke metal vessel from its Scent Scene collection. The stems are interchangeable and come in seven fragrances as well. Each stem is recyclable and is recommended to be replaced every 30 days.

The diffuser line also shares the same scent line as its candle counterparts. Other scent favourites are Lost in Amalfi, Arabian Nights, and We Met in Saigon.

Take places with you

After producing a line of potent fragrances for their candles and diffusers, Glasshouse Fragrances also delighted its adoring followers with a line of personal aromas they can take with them anywhere and any day for various uses. They now have Eau de Parfums, body lotions, shower gels, body bars, hand wash and hand cream.

It’s another avenue for you to pamper your senses for someone who likes to go around smelling like a tropical paradise or fitting an occasion.

Wherever you are, there’s always a scent that calls to you. Fragrances offer that layer of nostalgia and trigger emotions. In this case, however, these fragrances take you to different parts of the world even in the comforts of your own home.