The Best Looks From The Brownlow Awards


It has almost been a week since the Brownlow awards and the wives and girlfriends of the AFL stars have stolen the spotlight onto them for once. Instead of giving you a list of the crowned best dressed of the night, we thought we would give you a list of the ladies that we think stole the show. 

Their looks range from baby bumps to inspiration taken from the recent international fashion week and the recent Emmy awards. Below are our favourite looks, we hope you love them too. 

No. 10 Lauren Tscharke

No. 9 Brooke Cotchin

No. 8 Chantelle Baker

No.7 Jessie Murphy

No. 6 Jesinta Franklin

No.5 Logan Shine

No. 4 Rebecca Judd

No. 3 Nadia Bartel


No. 2 Dani Shreeve

No. 1 Alex Pendlebury